Everyone has that one thing that they say will make or break their relationship. But have you thought about all the other things that could drive you absolutely crazy?

There are 13 moments that you will experience in a relationship that can determine how successful your relationship is going to be.

1. He said he bought a $400 pair of shoes

Oh no.... he shops more than you do! When he sees an expensive item in the store window and insists on trying it on, and then buys it when he isn't with you. You wonder how he is financially.

2. The way he drives

Can you literally trust him with your life? When he takes the wheel, you have given him the responsibility to take you where you need to go and do so in safety. If he drives like a crazy maniac, then you will never feel safe, which is NOT a good sign.

3. When he says he's a great cook

He offers to cook for you but doesn't seem to know his way around the kitchen. Next thing you know the food he has prepared is inedible and your kitchen is a nightmare. Although he tried to make you happy, you are more irritated than ever. He says he loves to cook and wants to cook for you more often... AHHHH!!!

4. The vomiting, cramps and obsessive mood swings

You stayed up all night sick from the seafood you had for dinner last night. You start your period the next day and can't believe the pain you are feeling. How does he treat you? Does he hold your hair while you puke and cry, or ask you to call him when you are feeling better?

5. When he's with the guys and acts different

He acts differently when he is with the guys. You wonder if this is how he is when you aren't around.

6. Attending your first wedding together

You danced the night away at someone else's magical evening. You both share your opinions about the wedding food, music, decorations etc. He says he wants heavy metal to be the only music played at his wedding. Uh oh.

7. The one that got away has returned

You're taking a nice walk in the park and suddenly bump into the guy you used to date. Now what?

8. The moment a lie reaches the surface

The truth always has a way of coming out. Eventually, the little white lies you both have told will be revealed and the trust in your relationship will be put to the test. What are you trying to hide?

9. "I love you"

The beauty of those three words can take your breath away. When he first said those words, what did you think, feel and say? Your first initial reaction indicates how you truly feel about the relationship.

10. When SHE texts him

You think you are close enough to look at each other's phones, but notice that he got a text from an ex-girlfriend and didn't tell you. You want to read the conversation so badly to see if he responded. What do you do? What if he did text her?

11. The first time your baby keeps you up all night

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest trials to test a relationship. Let's say you are married and were up all night with the baby and just want some shuteye. He stayed up with you while you were comforting the child and you realized you are in this for the long haul. Does that terrify you?

12. What you talk about says it all

You should feel comfortable talking to your partner about anything and everything. This deeply explains the closeness of your relationship. Are there things you do not want him to know or don't feel comfortable talking about?

13. The way you handle contention

Every day will not be picture perfect. When you get to a small bump in the road, he immediately says he's sorry and doesn't want to talk about it. But wait a second, you want to sit down and analyze the situation. The manner in which you both handle contention is not likely going to change- are you okay with just saying sorry?

Falling in love is the easy part. Staying completely and madly in love is harder. Trust your man and let him know you love him. Endure through the small challenges so that he can be with you through the big things that are on the way.

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