Men are sometimes the worst at showing their affection. They don't like to use words to express their love and mostly express it through actions. If a man is really in love with you, here are 14 gestures he may do to show he's actually in love with you.

1. He wraps his arm around you

In public, he loves to tuck you under his arm and walk with you. He likes to show you off and let everyone else know that you're his.

2. Cuddling is just an excuse for him to get close to you

Having you close to him means the world to him. There's something about feeling each other's breaths and heartbeats.

3. He offers a helping hand when you need one

He loves being able to help you when you need it. Offering his hand is just one way.

4. He loves to hold your hand

The feeling when your fingers are intertwined with his, swinging back and forth, shows his true feelings for you.

5. His warm, tight hugs that linger when you part ways

Those long hugs, the ones that finish with a tight squeeze are packed with so much love.

6. Forehead kisses

A simple, but deeply meaningful gesture. A little forehead kiss goes a long way.

7. Making sure you're comfortable is a priority

If you're cold, he'll offer you his jacket. If you're hungry, he'll make sure you fill your stomach. If you need comfort, he's there to hold you.

8. Little whispers in your ear

The softness of his voice only reflects the softness of his heart.

9. He touches your hair

He's entranced by the way your hair looks and feels. He can't help but touch it and run it through his fingers and gently tuck a strand behind your ear so he can see your beautiful face clearly.

10. He looks you deeply in your eyes

Sometimes it's just easy to get lost in your eyes.

11. He'll start dancing with you

He loves the way you look when you dance with him.

12. He touches you gently

He respects you and your body. When he touches you he does it gently and respectfully.

13. He loves to make you laugh

He love the sound of your laugh more than anything else. Your laugh lights up his whole world.

14. He isn't afraid to kiss you

At the end of the day, if he's really in love with you, he will steal a kiss or two. His kisses mean the world.

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