One of the things that I am super committed to is keeping my marriage alive and exciting. And while Valentine's Day is a fun time of year to celebrate love and romance, I definitely don't want to just celebrate my husband then and forget about letting him know that I love him the rest of the year.

So during the 8 years that we've been married, I've continually tried to do little things throughout the year to say "I love you" and let him know that I appreciate him, am grateful for him and never want to live my life without him. Yes, it takes effort to consistently do this, but it is so worth it!

Here are some of the creative, cheap ways that I've enjoyed using over the years to say "I love you!" to my man. And just in case you are wondering, these are all "man approved," meaning he enjoyed them and agreed that most other men would too.

1. Make a treasure hunt by hiding a gift and then creating a bunch of clues, making each clue lead to the next and ending at the location of the gift.

This one takes a bit of time to do, but it's always been a hit with my husband! I mean really, who doesn't enjoy a good treasure hunt? Simply hide your gift or prize and then create a bunch of clues, making each clue lead to the next and finally ending with where you hid the prize. Hide all but the first clue - you'll save that one to give to your sweetheart to get started!

2. Tuck notes in his clothes

Take Post-it notes, write a sweet message on them and randomly tuck them into a stack of his clothing (t-shirts for instance) for a little surprise.

3. Buy his favorite candy or snack and put it, along with a love note, as a surprise in his lunch or car.

4. Do one of his usual household chores for him

When he notices (and let's hope he does!), just grin, give him a kiss and say "I love you!"

5. Write a love note on the bathroom mirror using erasable marker

6. Give him a massage or foot rub

Make it even more special by lighting some candles and turning on soft music.

7. Fix him his morning cup of coffee, bowl of cereal, breakfast smoothie or whatever he likes.

For even more fun, deliver it with a kiss.

8. Send him an unexpected, fun text in the middle of the day

This can be flirty, something you like and appreciate about him or just a simple, "I love you!"

9. Surprise him at work with lunch

Stop by and eat lunch with him - take him something special to eat together. About a year ago, the children and I did this and my husband loved it.

10. Leave him a note on his computer

You could do this a variety of ways: change his desktop background to say "I love you," open a new document and type up your note there and leave it open for him to find, or add a note to a current document that he's working on for a fun surprise. (If you do the last one, you might want to change the font color to red just in case he isn't observant. You'd hate for him to miss it and end up with the note stuck on something important when it shouldn't be there!)

11. Make him his favorite meal

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? If he would appreciate it, pull out the china, decorate the table and light some candles too!

12. Make a list of all the things you love and appreciate about him ... then give it to him.__

Need some ideas? Here are a few of the ones I have used:

  • Thank you for faithfully taking out the trash for us! I love not needing to worry about doing that unpleasant job.

  • I appreciate that you are a man of your word. If you say you are going to do something, you will do it. Thank you!

  • I love that you know how to make me laugh! You are so good for me.

  • You are such a hard worker and provide so well for us. I'm grateful for that!

13. Pray for him out loud in his presence

Ask him what you can pray about for him. Pray a blessing over him. Thank God for the man he is.

14. Be affectionate

Hold his hand while driving. Sit on his lap. Kiss often (and not just a quick peck!). If you're walking somewhere, grab his hand. Snuggle while watching a movie. Guys love knowing that you like them and find them desirable!

15. Just be with him

For some reason, guys just like when you sit beside them, watch them work, and just "be" wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Do that!

Editor's note: This article was originally published on Thrifty Frugal Mom. It has been republished here with permission.

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