Does he mean it when he says, "I love you?"

Those three special words have a lot of power. And when a man truly means what he says, there is no greater happiness in a relationship.

Here are 15 signs that he genuinely loves you, and he's never going to stop:

1. He willingly feels pain with you

Your pain is his pain. He suffers with you through a personal loss or cries with you when you've lost hope. A truly loving husband is willing to suffer and mourn with you.

2. He prefers "we" over "me"

There is no differentiation between your life and his life- it's all about your life together. He recognizes that your relationship is strengthened when you work together as a team. There is no room for selfishness. Every decision is made with "we" in mind.

3. He wants to change you

He loves you exactly the way you are. However, he also knows there are plenty of things you don't love about yourself that make you unhappy. Through his gentle feedback and love, he helps you find ways to change those weaknesses into strengths.

4. He makes your dreams him dreams

He knows your deepest desires and makes them his own. Whatever your goals are in life, he is right there beside you, helping you achieve them every step of the way. He cheers you on and invests in them personally.

5. His work isn't about him; it's about you

Going to work every day isn't always fun, but he is willing to do it, because it's his responsibility as a husband and father to take care of the family. In his mind, getting a promotion or raise isn't about elevating himself. It's about moving ahead, so he can better provide.

6. He protects your heart

There is nothing more important to him than how you feel. When life gets difficult, he is there to hold you close and kiss your tears away. No matter who, what or where he is there to fight for you.

7. He sacrifices for you

Maybe it's something as simple as giving up his Saturday afternoon to help you with a project, or something major like giving up his bonus, so that you can have something you want. His sacrifices are a sign that he puts your wants and needs in front of his own.

8. He checks in during the day

He thinks about you when you're apart. Those simple texts and short calls throughout the day are his way of letting you know that you're on his mind.

9. His kisses have meaning

The affection he shows you is thoughtful and meaningful.

10. He doesn't look

He only has eyes for you. He stays away from pornography, because he knows how destructive it can be in his own life and in your relationship.

11. He compliments on more than just your looks

He appreciates your kind heart, wisdom, talents and bravery. He loves you for more than just your physical appearance. He understands that what's on the inside is what matters the most.

12. He has no secrets

He doesn't keep things from you. You have full access to his life.

13. He knows your co-workers names

Actually, he knows a whole lot more than that. He can easily describe who drives you crazy (and why), and who you turn to on a bad day. The small details of your day matter to him.

14. He pushes barriers out of your way

If he could have it his way, he would get rid of anything and anyone who gets in the way of your success and happiness.

15. He thinks in terms of forever

The words "divorce" and "separation" are not a part of his vocabulary. When he committed to marriage, he didn't have an end in mind. No matter what difficulties you come up against, he is in it for good. Because when you truly love someone, that love can last forever.

If you truly care about your husband, you'll do the same for him as well.

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