Here's the deal: in general, us guys do not like to talk about feelings. It's uncomfortable. Therefore, we find nonverbal ways to show our feelings.

Here are 15 signs your man really does love you even though he may not say it out loud:

1. He looks you in the eyes when he laughs

Yes, he thinks whatever you said is funny, but he's also smiling at you, because of you. When he looks into your eyes he's trying to make a deeper connection than just a funny one-liner.

2. He listens

He doesn't just try to fix everything. He listens and responds appropriately. He asks follow-up questions that show he's trying to understand and be what you need him to be in that moment.

3. He cares about your comfort

I'm not talking about buying you fancy jewelry or an expensive car. I'm talking about the day-to-day stuff- a blanket, food or even just a word of advice. It shows he cares about how you feel. He's worried you're cold, hungry or in need of help. It's much more than just a superficial gesture. If a man loves a woman, he wants to make sure she feels good around him.

4. He includes you

Taking you with him to family functions is an obvious sign he loves you. Meeting family is a fairly big deal (bigger than a "Lord of the Rings" marathon, anyways).

In general, he invites you to do things with him that he obviously could have done alone. If he invites you to something and you have to ask yourself why, it's probably because he loves you and loves being with you for even the most trivial reasons.

5. He changes plans for you

This is a clear sign of how he ranks his priorities. If he's willing to change plans that were already established, just for you, chances are he loves you.

6. He asks for your input

He cares about your opinion! Seeing you happy makes him happy, so it really does matter to him that you have an opinion on where to go to lunch.

7. He sits close to you on the couch (or anywhere)

Physical proximity is a big deal. Is he close to you when he doesn't have to be? Watch for those key opportunities he takes to pop his proximity bubble around you.

For example, the average couch has three cushions. Assuming you sit on an end cushion, does he sit on the middle cushion right next to you, or does he leave a cushion in between both of you? This may seem trivial, but if he sits next to you it's a good sign.

8. He gives you good news

When something exciting happens for him (maybe he got a promotion) he's excited to tell you! He loves to see you excited for him. He's not gloating over his successes, but rather showing you he cares about how you think about him. He wants to make you proud.

9. He's excited to hear about



On the flipside, when you tell him good news he's happy for you! He doesn't compare himself to you, but rather considers your successes his as well, because he cares so much about how you feel that those feelings are reciprocated in his self.

10. He admits it when he's wrong

Nobody's perfect, and us men generally hate to admit we're wrong. If your man admits he's wrong recognize it as evidence that he cares about the state of your relationship — he cares about you.

11. He's at his best when he's with your family

If he cares about what your family thinks about him, he's into you. He's well aware that the moment he's gone your whole family is going to give you their input regarding him. He wants them to like him because in the end it'll make you like him more.

12. He defends you

Whether you're present or not, if someone tries to taint your reputation he immediately speaks up in your defense. He only talks about you in a positive light. You're not perfect and he doesn't paint you that way, but he never puts you down or lets others get away with it.

13. He invites you to hang with the guys

It's a huge plus if "the guys" are comfortable around you. They're like his second-tier family. They're going to tell him what they think about you, so if he invites you to hang with them, and you can hold your own, it's a good sign.

14. He enjoys just being with you

He's with you even when there's nothing else to do. It means you bring out the best in him and he likes the way he feels when he's with you. It means he's comfortable around you and doesn't feel like he's wasting his time, even though you're just hanging out together.

15. He does more than the casual hangout

Sure, hanging out is going to happen, and there's nothing wrong with it, but if he loves you, he's going to make sure you do more than just sit around watching Netflix all day. He'll occasionally plan something to do outside the home with just you.

Did I miss anything? Comment with all the ways your man shows you his love without saying a word. Us guys need all the ideas we can get.

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