Anyone can tell you life is rough. But why does it seem especially rough for women? Before you protest, think about the average struggles men and women face. Having struggles doesn't mean a woman is less capable or she is unequal-having struggles makes her stronger. Some of these problems may seem small or unimportant, but they're things only women can really understand.

Call them petty problems, but they are problems to be solved. Here are just a few of the things women deal with almost daily:

1. Our hair can never be managed

2. And bobby pins disappear faster than the chocolate you give us

3. Ponytail holders (or hair bands) are dangerous when they snap

4. A size 6 in one store is way different in another store

5. Period pain, bloating, fatigue and more pain are very real

6. A woman's hair color may not seem like a big deal, but it can change the way she looks dramatically:

7. Men want women who don't wear makeup, but we like it anyway

8. Makeup can be a struggle in and of itself

9. We have to act happy when another woman wears the same shirt, but inside we feel a bit weird:

10. Our hormones take over a lot, but when we're really upset about something, people will still just blame it on hormones:

11. Men won't ever know the struggle of trying to paint nails

12. At any event or game, the line for the bathroom is ALWAYS long

13. We try to be polite when men aren't

14. And women have to put up with the worst women jokes ever

15. Some women are strong and don't always need a man's help, but some do

Some of these may not apply to you, but many women can agree that being a woman is difficult. There are strong, beautiful women who are only judged on their looks or attitudes. Many women face even deeper struggles like poverty, miscarriages, inequality and disease. The deeper struggles are very real, and women fight through them every day.

So give your love to the women in your life who face both the big and the small struggles. They deserve it.

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