The Eh Bee family is hilarious. Their family friendly content across a variety of social media platforms is bringing smiles to millions of people all over the world.

These short videos, called Vines, are both hysterical andtrue. Husbands, pay attention. If you want to sleep in your own bed tonight instead of the doghouse, avoid doing these 16 things:

1. Your wife is always prettier than her friends- ALWAYS

2. Never compare her to your mother

3. Or her mother

4. Or any other woman

5. Celebrate on the inside

6. Take gifts seriously

7. And never ever, ever give her one of these

8. Try to avoid careless blunders

9. She never looks 'fine'

10. Make sure to encourage her... tactfully

11. Be cautious when she says 'fine'

12. Avoid this deadly mistake

13. No jokes at her expense

14. Don't be demanding

15. NEVER tell her to 'relax'

16. This will send you straight to the doghouse

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