Relationship advice can range anywhere from life-changing to horrible to just plain hilarious. When we hit those different relationship stages in our life (dating, marriage, kids, etc.), relatives, friends and even strangers believe it's their duty to impart their own relationship wisdom on us.

Your married friend will give you communication advice at your bridal shower and your great aunt will give you 'wifely duties' advice at your reception. It's up to you to differentiate the tips to take, the tips to avoid at all costs and the tips to laugh at and share later in a Reddit post.

1. Actually, please talk as much as possible

2. Was this dad's name... GASTON?

3. Sounds like only bad things could come from that

4. You won't be able to change them

5. Maybe at school or work, but never in your home

6. Classic advice

7. Don't give up!

8. There's no 'maybe' about it

9. Actually some pretty dangerous advice

10. LOL probably not the best idea

11. It should go both ways

12. Alone > Unhappy relationship

13. "You're the one that I want. Oooh-ooh-ooh, honey,"

14. Please NEVER do this

15. A good premise for many YA novels, but definitely not for real life

16. Sometimes a girl just needs a good listener

17. Because intelligence is SO unattractive

What's the worst relationship advice you've received?

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