Her eyes are compelling, her smile is inviting, and the way she carries herself is absolutely astonishing. What is it about her that attracts even the oddest of people?

A woman with these 18 attributes is one full of joy. She is the type of women other women should inspire to become, and men should search long and hard for. Radiant women don't come around far too often, but when they do they can make their mark on your heart forever.

If you spot these attributes in a woman, grab on to her real tight and never let her go.

1. Wants to learn with you

Even on your 50th anniversary, she will still want to take on new challenges with you and do activities to get to know you better. She is always looking forward to learning more and more about you.

2. Takes care of you

Before getting herself breakfast, she makes sure you have a filling and delicious meal. She will sacrifice anything to make you happy.

3. Loves herself

She knows that you do not want to be with a whiny crybaby who constantly needs to be told how beautiful she is. She loves herself, which makes her easier to love.

4. Expects to be respected

Not only does she give you respect, but she is strong and knows that she deserves that same respect back. Humiliation and utter defeat is not something she wants to get used to.

5. Has the desire to be honest at all times

She is honest to you, her family, her friends and even strangers.

6. Standards are high

She didn't settle for you. She truly believes she got the best man in the world and hopes that you keep your standards as high as hers in your future together.

7. Won't let go of her values

Her religious, political and ethical beliefs may differ from yours, but she respects your views. She will never let her values go because they are a huge part of who she is.

8. Serves others

At times you find yourself actually believing that her heart is three sizes bigger than yours. Without being asked, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make even the cruelest of people smile.

9. Lives life with the glass half full

The inspiring woman in front of your very eyes sees life as a beautiful story. Even when terrible things happen that could shake her faith or cause most to tremble, she is upright and pressing forward knowing that this is just a bump in the road.

10. Ultra-organized

Not only is she really organized, but she cares about her physical and mental health too.

11. Trusts those who have earned it

Although she may not give everyone a key to her house, she does believe that those who have earned her trust should get it with open arms.

12. Knows her beauty

This goes with loving yourself, but is a quality a lot of women struggle to obtain. The admirable woman knows she is beautiful without makeup, diamond rings and high heels. She wears them to enhance her already beautiful features, not cover them.

13. Peacemaking is her gift

She doesn't like when there is contention and will do anything she can to mediate it. When you aren't sure how to resolve the situation, she sure does.

14. Grateful for what she does have

An extra car, TV, pair of shoes, or laptop would be nice, but the woman who is most desirable knows that those things are not necessities.

15. Confident in her opinion

When she spots something that does not look right, she is not afraid to fix it herself or inform someone of the injustice. She knows that in order for people to hear the truth, someone must fight for it.

16. Works to communicate

Yelling, fighting, giving the silent treatment and receiving bribes may be fun for some men or women, but the most virtuous women would rather talk about the problem and find a solution right away.

17. Behaves like a lady

I'm not saying that she puts her pinky finger up when she drinks her morning tea, or only wears dresses around the house, but she isn't always belching and going as long as she can without a shower either.

18. Consistent work ethic

Many would say that she is the hardest worker they know. Her self-discipline and love of accomplishments has strengthened her ability to either be the provider or a wonderful mother.

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