1. He is honest

He isn't afraid to disagree with you or share his true opinions, and he does so in a respectable way.

2. He isn't afraid of emotions

Your man shows you his vulnerable side, and isn't ashamed to cry in front of you or express his true feelings for you.

3. He communicates with you

He tells you all of his thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Nothing is cryptic in the way he speaks to you, and his openness makes you feel confident and secure.

4. He makes you laugh

A sense of humor is vital to any relationship. If your man constantly makes you crack up and loves the cute little snort sound you make when you laugh really hard, he is a keeper. He is even more of a keeper if he laughs at your bad jokes.

5. He opens the door for you

If your guy takes the time to open doors for you, he is classy. If his actions constantly remind you that chivalry is not dead, do not let him go.

6. He treats your family well

The way he treats your family and his own family is the way he will be treating his future family. If he maintains a good relationship with your parents and your siblings and constantly improves those relationships, he will constantly work to keep your bond strong as well.

7. He is kind

Kindness is the most attractive trait a man can have, especially a man who is not afraid to serve others or go out of his way to do something wonderful for you.

8. He makes you feel safe

He worries about you and always likes to know you are safe. He protects you.

9. He wipes away your tears

This goes hand-in-hand with not being afraid of emotions. He is husband material if he lets you cry on his shoulder and hates to see you in pain.

10. He respects you

He doesn't belittle you, he doesn't nag you, and he doesn't change you. Your man should respect you in every aspect and let you be who you are. You don't have to change your personality for him, he loves your quirks and everything that makes you, you.

11. He fights for you

He loves you so much that he is afraid to lose you, and he lets you know that. He fights for your relationship, and keeps it constantly strong.

12. He talks about the future

He talks about your future life together. His goals add up with yours, and you two can see a wonderful and bright life together ahead.

13. He does the dishes

If he does the dishes and helps you maintain your home, what more can you ask from a man?

14. He makes you feel beautiful

He loves you when you are in the most beautiful dress, and just as much when you are in yoga pants and you're wearing no makeup. He loves you at your best and your worst and always tells you how beautiful you are even when you don't think so yourself.

15. He supports you

He supports your goals, dreams and decisions. He gives you a reason to fight when you want to quit.

16. He understands you

He just gets you. He knows how you feel, and you aren't afraid to show him the best and worst sides of you.

17. He remembers the little things

He remembers your favorite color, food, drink and song. He goes out of his way to remember silly comments you have made in the past, or embarrassing things you did growing up (or still do). He knows you through and through.

18. He compromises with you

He is willing to sacrifice his time as much as you sacrifice yours. He does not hesitate to drop what he has planned to help you out.

19. He makes you completely happy

No one has ever made you feel quite as wonderful and blissful as he does. If he makes you perfectly happy, and your mouth hurts from the amount of smiling you do when he's around, I believe you have found "The One."

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