If you have a sister, you should consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Sisters are the best type of friends. (I should know. I have four.) They don't just drift into your life for a few years - they're around for a lifetime.

Here are some telltale signs that you just happen to have the best sister ever:

1. You can FaceTime " and do nothing

Day-to-day activities are better if you are doing them with her. You know you have the best sister when you can enjoy each other's company just by being on Skype together.

2. She's down for your quirky adventures

When you want to take a quick weekend trip to go hiking, she doesn't think you're crazy - she goes with you!

3. She likes your Instagram photos

You can count on her to like your posts, even if nobody else does.

4. She hangs your ugly gift on her wall

That weird hobby you've decided to try learning? She supports you. Not because it's cute, but because it's from you.

5. She forgives your stupid fights

Sometimes you say hurtful things when you're hungry. She gets that.

6. She knows how to deal with your feeling-fat days

On bad days she's your go-to girl. She knows exactly what to say to cheer you up.

7. She lets you borrow her favorite shirt

"¦ but only on very special occasions.

8. She lets you mess up

She doesn't guilt-trip you when you know you made a mistake; and while she'll offer her advice, she knows it's your choice.

9. "¦ but also calls you out on your crap

If you've gone too far, or when she's especially worried about you, she lets you know. It's the deepest sign of love, because she wants to save you (and others) from pain.

10. You can call her whenever

Just to say hello.

11. You get excited about just seeing her

Big plans or no plans, being together is always great!

12. You share a bed - even when there are other options

Because falling asleep while talking and cuddling is the best.

13. She cuts your hair

Cutting your hair, giving you fashion or love advice, taking you camping, making you food - whatever talent she has, she is willing to help you in whatever way she can.

14. She's your cheerleader

She believes in you, and helps you fulfill your dreams. From helping you pack up your stuff to move to a new city to sending you an encouraging text when things don't go as planned, she's always on the sidelines cheering you on.

15. It's the greatest compliment when people tell you you're like each other

Because she is your role model!

16. She lets you borrow her makeup

Some days your eyeliner goes missing, and even though everyone says sharing eye makeup is a really bad idea, she's not too worried about it.

17. You can't wait to tell her about your newest find

That awesome cooking app you found? You can't wait to tell her about it, because you know she'll love it too!

18. She inspires you to be better

She shows you how to be a better human, and you don't want to disappoint her.

19. You'll definitely be crazy cat (or dog) ladies together

There's no question if you'll still be friends when you're old, because you'll love each other forever!

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