There are still good people out there. Strive to be one of them. Take a look at these random acts of kindness and have a wonderful day.

1. Paying it forward

2. Going above and beyond the call of duty

3. This kid's lucky day

4. You never know what someone else is going through

5. To restore your hope in humanity

6. Always stand up for others

7. This store owner let people charge their phones for free after hurricane Sandy

8. The small and simple things can make a big difference

9. Strangers looking out for each other

10. This person really loved their dog

11. Thanks, Gilligan

12. It's amazing what a few coins can do

13. It doesn't have to be in your job description

14. Be this person

15. A true role model

16. This is a great idea

17. This picture is worth a thousand words

18. Flowers put to good use

19. This officer asked protestors in Brazil not to fight on his birthday. They surprised him with a cake

20. Her face says it all

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