It's amazing how adoring a man can be when he's in love. A man isn't tender and sweet to just any woman. He might not bring you home roses, but when a man's in love there are subtle signs he's in it for keeps. These 20 adorable accounts of truly smitten men are just a small example of what a man in love looks like. If your man has taken the time to do anything similar to these things, he's head over heels for you.

1. Origami roses

2. Taco Bell

3. Harry Potter

4. Scrapbooking

"My generally hyper-masculine, ex-military SO has secretly been taking late-night scrapbooking classes with a bunch of little old ladies, just so he could make me a scrapbook for Christmas this year. Turns out he really likes it and has quite a knack for design." (Comment shortened).

5. Favorite band

6. Post knee surgery

7. Off to bed

8. Heart-shaped bacon

9. Making that commute better

10. Grandpa's anniversary

11. Manatee adoption

12. Morning routine

13. Surprise hugs

14. A rose a day

15. Origami stars

16. Late-night spider killer

17. Composer

18. Soup for the sick

19. Present treasure hunt

20. Helping her anxiety and depression

What's the sweetest thing your husband has done for you?

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