Women can be a puzzle sometimes but men... not so much. There are so many little things a woman can do to let her man know she's in love. Those small quirky things and little gestures drive a guy crazy and are the way to win his heart.

Here are 20 things that will make him crazy for you:

The hair flip

Your man loves seeing your pretty face; add some suspense and flirtation by flipping your hair back before revealing a smile just for him.


Watching you feel comfortable and being yourself is a simple pleasure that is sure to make him love you more.

Adjusting his necktie

There is just something about a woman helping a man that makes him want to keep you forever. Plus, it never hurts to have a womanly touch.

Biting your lip

When you are playing or being flirty, biting your lip a little will blow his mind. It shows off your fun side and gives him the thought to kiss your lip.

Cute sneezes

Not every woman has a cute sneeze but as long as you don't sound like a blow horn, he'll think it's adorable.

Looking back at him as you walk away

Giving him a little smirk as your legs move in the other direction practically screams for him to follow you. He will have to try hard to resist that one.

Gentle touches

Those small caresses will express how much you care...and will convince him he needs to give you a little kiss in return.

Playing with your hair

Give some your strands a little twirl and see how much your man is captivated by you.

Wearing his hoodie

He'll realize how much he cares for you when he sees you all snuggled up in his clothes.

Giving him some sass

Giving your man a little sass will keep him on his toes! Who doesn't love a woman who presents a playful challenge?

Having wet hair

When woman's hair is wet, he knows you feel totally comfortable with him.

Smooth legs

This is obvious, who doesn't love smooth skin?

Skipping makeup today

Going all natural will show your man just how cozy you are with him. He will want to act the same!

Laughing at his jokes

When the woman he cares for is the one laughing, it will rock his world. He will practically melt in your hands to hear that giggle.

Your dimples

Those little indents practically scream for him to kiss your lips and cheeks.

Giving him a real smile

What man doesn't want to see your beautiful smile?

Scratching his head

After a long day, he'll love a head rub from his love.

Long embraces

When he gives you a hug, hold on just a little longer than you would normally. Show him how much you missed him.

Reaching for his hand

Intertwining your fingers in his is not only an expression of how much you care but also represents that he belongs to you. If he hasn't grabbed your hand in public, show him you mean business and try it out! See how he reacts.

Give him a playful wink

Maybe as you walk away or when you are teasing him, add a little wink and a smile.

Men may not give you the most obvious hints that they are interested, but that doesn't mean you can grab his attention. Test out these 20 little gestures and see how long it takes him to find you irresistible.

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