Wives are incredible. They carry an innate skill that enables them to love their husband and children unconditionally. She has the ability to love her husband in a way unmatched by any other, and she knows what her husband wants before he even knows it.

Husbands, your wife may give you her time, energy, and heart but there are certain things she will never give up. Of those include personal habits, who she talks to when she needs advice, her secret desires and hidden fantasies.

There are certain things your wife does and thinks about that you simply know about out of familiarity, but there are several things your wife keeps from you. Are you curious to find out what they are? Read on.

1. Her best friend knows EVERYTHING

2. Seeing her man in the kitchen is a major turn on

3. On nights you are away she wears her favorite ugly t-shirt to bed

4. Some fights are initiated because she feels forgotten or ignored

5. She imagined your life together before you settled down

6. When she first fell in love she couldn't eat or sleep because of the butterflies

7. She needs constant reassurance she is all you dream about

8. She occasionally puts you to the test

9. When you became serious in your relationship, overnight her legs became the smoothest they've been in years.

10. She is nightmare dressed like a daydream

11. She occasionally thinks about her exes, but only to remind her how grateful she is for you.

12. You have made her cry... A LOT

13. She saves all your texts and voice mails

14. She reminisces about the first day you met at least once a week

15. She feels comfortable around you to be her unfiltered self

16. She finds when you are a little jealous to be highly attractive

17. If there is a major problem in your relationship, all of her friends have advised her on how to handle it before she comes to you.

18. She was just as nervous about commitment as you were in the beginning

19. She may be a strong and independent woman, but she still needs you to be "The Man" in the relationship.

20. She loves you more than you'll ever know

Although there are some sweet secrets your wife keeps from you, never doubt your place and prioritization in her mind. Her thoughts mainly are consumed with how to love you, why she loves you and how the two of you can love each other even more.

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