Marriage is no walk in the park. It's like a rollercoaster; it has its ups and downs, twists and turns. It will improve and then falter as time goes on. The important thing is remembering that it will all be worthwhile.

Looking back, every memory you share with your partner will be full of tenderness, sacrifice, sometimes with anger or empathy, but ultimately full of a grand love that you both share in the end.

Here are what the experts say will help you make it there:

1. Be accountable

Make sure you're accepting full responsibility as your role of husband or wife. What roles you play in your household are crucial to the unit as a whole.

2. Say "I love you"

Say it every day. Just do it- you won't regret all the times you reminded your partner how you feel and this magical three-worded sentence could not say it better.

3. Show appreciation

Experts say at least three times a day thank your partner for doing something. It's a simple way of showing the gratitude you have for them in your life.

4. Eat together

It's understandable for some couples that this can be hard to achieve. But going out of your way to at least have one of the three meals in a day together will fortify your relationship.

5. Have productive arguments

Some arguing gets you nowhere, so if you have to argue, that is the type of arguing that you need to avoid. When you are having a disagreement that will lead to your point and it is communicated in a calm and collected manner, that can help grow the relationship.

6. Be affectionate

Touch is one of the strongest senses that will help a marriage. It is based off how you place your hand, how you show affection and the tempo of using that sense.

7. Show respect

This should never be lost in a relationship. Ever. Period.

8. Prioritize

Yes, there are bills to pay, kids to pick up from school, a career to manage, dinner to cook, dishes to wash, laundry to fold and whatever else going on in between. Make sure that at the top of this tier comes your partner, if not god or the children, then they should be the number one thing you put first.

9. Small acts of kindness

You do not need to spend money and go out with your spouse all of the time. Creating something with them in mind or performing a small act of kindness for them makes a huge difference in regard toward your marriage and will continually show them small expressions of love.

10. Be spontaneous

Routine is nice but switching things up helps surprise and spice up the relationship. Especially for the man, doing the same thing every day can get boring and gives nothing to look forward to. Don't live in just boring comfort, stretch for the unknown.

11. Hold each other

When you hug, go in for the embrace a little longer. Just hold it there and embrace your partner's scent and presence.

12. Connect every day

Take time to snuggle on the couch or go for a random drive and entertain one another with your day and any thoughts you were thinking. Remember to connect in some way over something.

13. Look into each other's eyes

Let your partner's eyes consume you. Find warmth in them, find those memories you cling to, find every feeling that you have for your partner in their eyes. When you look in them eventually you will be overcome with a loving sensation.

14. Share

This seems obvious but learn to share the same taste in things. I'm not the biggest basketball fan but because my partner loves it, I've learned a good amount of facts about the game. He was happy because I have the desire to like something simply because I know he loves it.

15. Don't point fingers

It is not anyone's fault that the dishwasher broke or that the food at the restaurant wasn't good. Do not put blame on your partner simply because you're looking for someone to blame. Better to just let it go rather than to start contention between you both.

16. Give compliments every day

Remind them how lucky you are to have someone so attractive and wonderful as them in your life.

17. Have date nights

Choose one day every week where you go out for a little one-on-one time. This is vital to a relationship at all stages. Continually planning time to indulge in one another is a great way of strengthening your relationship together and good reason to just get out of the house for a while.

18. Listen to your song

Your wedding song or your song should always remind you of your partner. Listening to it once a week together will flood you with memories of one another. It's like taking a trip down memory lane!

19. Be accepting

It is important to remember that your partner is only human. Ideas will come into their mind that they want to try out and all you can do is support them. So, if your wife is suddenly into being a photographer, then it might be time to save the piggy bank for a nice camera for Christmas.

20. Be sentimental

This might seem too sensitive for some people to handle but reminding your partner that they mean so much to you will help in the long run. My mother saved the rose my father gave her on their first date together in her journal and she still has the dried flower to this day. Looking back, she remembers every detail of their first date because she has the beautiful rose to remind her.

Only time will tell how strong you can become in your relationship. It is a two-way street; it takes practice, work and devotion to become the ultimate power couple. But if you follow what the experts say and your mama's advice, then you will be successful in the end.

7 successful marriage tips (from the experts)

Do you have any tips to share?

Posted by I Love My Family ( on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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