Mark Twain once said, "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." With that as a starting point, here are 20 ideas to help you be happy.

Stop checking

Every time you stop to ask yourself if you are happy is a waste of time.

Spend time with your family

Nothing is more likely to make you happy than time with your family.

Don't forget extended family

Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will be cheered by being remembered, too.

Observe your faith

Whatever your faith may be, strive to be a bit more observant to connect not only to God but to the community of like-minded believers.


There is no shortage of need in the world. Do something today to relieve someone else's pain.

Practice random acts of kindness

Think of the last time someone showed you kindness and let it inspire you to do some random kindness for someone else.

Say, "I love you."

It is impossible for someone not to feel a little better - maybe a lot better - being loved. It is equally impossible to love people and brighten their day and not feel brightened yourself.

Say, "I'm sorry."

There is nothing that will bring more peace to your life and the lives of those around you than saying, "I'm sorry." Put an end to the quarrel.

Forgive someone

If you really want this to matter and to bless your life, forgive someone who doesn't deserve it. Let it go. Pray for help. God will help you forgive.


Take 15 minutes to do something selfish that you really enjoy; have some "me time." Then spend an hour serving someone else. Ask yourself, "Which felt better?"

Give money to a cause

Identify a cause you really support. Give them some money today. Make a plan to give more later.


OK, you don't have to run. You can walk. You can ride your bike. You can play racquetball. Whatever you choose, do it. Exercising regularly will improve your health and brighten your mood.

Get out of debt

Debt drags you down. Pay it off. Even if, you have to sell the stuff you bought that brought about the added debt, you'll be happier without the stuff. (Keep a reasonable mortgage to keep a reasonable home.)

Find a hobby

Find something you enjoy doing that will take your mind off of your worries. Better yet, find a hobby you can enjoy with your family.

Plan a vacation

Even if it may be far away, by planning a vacation you create a light at the end of the tunnel that will give you hope when other things weigh you down.

Find more friends

You can never have too many friends. You may not be able to go out on the weekends with all of your friends, but make a point to meet new people and add new friends to your circle.

Visit someone who is lonely

You probably know people who are shut in due to age or infirmity and rarely get visitors. Make a point to visit them once in a while.

Drive happy

Make a point to drive happy. Make a point to forgive every idiot who cuts you off in traffic, who fails to see the light turn green and who refuses to let you merge. Remember, sometimes you're the idiot.

Get outside

Make a point to get outside and enjoy it once in a while. Being in your car doesn't count. Really be outside. Even in winter, bundle up and get outside.

Count your blessings

Make a point every evening before bed to count your blessings. The simple act of thinking of the good things in your life will bring a calming spirit that will help you sleep.

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