Marriage needs to be magical. With a little effort in the right direction you can create exactly that kind of love in your marriage. It can be fun and infinitely rewarding. Try these 21 actions and watch the magic happen:


Try new places to dine at. If you always go to the same restaurant it can be boring. Ask friends and coworkers for suggestions, or go on line and do a search. Pick a few restaurants and put their names in a hat and pick one out for a fun date night. Enjoy the new adventure in eating.


Give your honey three kisses in a row every morning and night-let the last one linger a little longer. Where one might feel like a duty, three feels like pure pleasure.


Give each other full-body hugs. That means arms wrapped around that pulls you together. It's so comforting.


Sit on the porch and enjoy lemonade or other favorite drink together as the sun goes down. You will feel peace. Enjoying peace together feels like a blessing from heaven.


Take a shower together. Do it at least some of the time. And when you do don't you dare talk about your body defects. That will ruin the fun mood. Just enjoy each other, whatever shape you're in.


Watch your kids play together. Do it at a park or at home. Just watch and enjoy as they play and have fun. Then join in so they can see that you love to play with them.


Play with each other. A lot. Playing is the glue that makes a marriage last. You've heard the saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Well, it's true of marriage, too. Go to movies, go to ball games, go hiking, go to a concert- go do anything that's fun. Just play.


Make each other laugh, right out loud. It can be a funny story, a hilarious YouTube video, a cartoon, or anything you share. Laugh when the milk spills. Laughing is so much more fun than getting upset at life's little accidents. Just be sure to laugh a lot, together.


Enjoy your little inside jokes that no one else gets. You hear a word that both of you have had an experience with and you wink and laugh. For us it's "trust me." Whenever we hear these words from a sales person we knowingly grin at each other because of a failed trust-me experience we had with someone years ago.


Go for a walk in the rain and snuggle under a shared umbrella. Or, better yet, splash in a puddle.


Write a love note to your sweetheart. The kind you might have written when you were courting. The kind of note that is smothered with evidence that you are still completely smitten.


Cry together at a funeral. Just like shared happiness, shared sorrow is also a relationship builder.


Go out for an ice cream cone. Pile it high with delicious flavors and visit as you lick the yummy treat. Or get a banana split with two spoons, and dig in together.


Hold hands every chance you get. When you walk, when you watch TV, or when you sit together in church-everywhere.


Say "I love you" every day. Say it often. Once is not enough.


Tell her how beautiful she is. Tell him how handsome he is. Compliments from the heart never grow old.


Give each other a gentle massage. A scalp massage is very relaxing- same for the feet. Massages are simply another way of saying "I love you."


Visit or call each other's mother-care about her. This will endear your spouse to you in yet a different and loving way.


Go on little trips. Even an over-nighter at a fun hotel can do the trick. Being together alone can do wonders to refresh your marriage.


Give each other the chance to be right. Listen to your mate. Fight fair. Hear each other out and talk about your different opinions. That's what can lead to a reasonable resolution. There is always more than one right way to solve a problem.


Pray together. Pray for each other and thank God for being married to such a wonderful person. God is the necessary third party to make your marriage the best it can possibly be. He's always there, but never in the way.

Try at least some of these and enjoy the magic it will bring into your marriage.

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