Communicating your feelings is difficult to do. It's not easy to say those three little words to someone. If you're not ready to say it out loud, here are 25 creative ways to express your love.

1. Bake him a cake

Baking is fun, and if he's any kind of decent, he'll love your cake.

2. Really, any form of food will do

Be it cake or pizza, making him any kind of food is a sign enough of your affection.

3. Write him a song

Not all of us are musically talented, but if you are, writing him a song (and playing it for him) will show him just how much you love and care for him.

4. Give him something that means a lot to him

Depending on how long you've been together, you know a lot about each other. By giving him something that means a lot to him, it will show him that you not only remembered something he loves, but you care enough to get it for him.

5. Make him a playlist of songs he'll love

Everyone loves music, but everyone has different tastes. Create a playlist for him with some of his favorite songs and some of your favorites that you think he'll love. Music can say the words that we can't.

6. Take him somewhere he loves

He'll take notice when you take him somewhere he loves. His favorite place will only be better with you there with him.

7. Tell him about your dreams and listen to his

Everyone has a dream. Tell him all about yours and he'll tell you all about his. Exchanging such personal information shows you trust him and care for him.

8. Surprise him with a bit of friendly competition

A little bit of friendly competition, like a surprise Nerf gun war, will bring a smile to his face and show just how much you care for the fun, little things in life.

9. Write him a poem

If you're better with the written word, write him a poem from the heart. You'll be able to express your feelings in a much better, more romantic way.

10. Take him to a concert

If you're lucky, nab tickets for his favorite band and surprise him. He'll love you a lot for it and will recognize it as a sign that you care.

11. Watch his favorite movie with him

Everyone's taste in movies is different, but if you sit down and watch his favorite movie with him, he'll see you're willing to share with him the things you both love.

12. Write him a note about how you feel

Even the smallest of notes can brighten his day. Leaving him notes of love or even expressing to him how much you care is sure to let him know your true feelings.

13. Give him something he'll remember you by

Don't be too hasty with this one, but giving him something he can remember you by is a sure sign of your affection for him.

14. Give him a gift you made from the heart

Love isn't always shown in the things you buy, but in the things that come from the heart. Giving him a gift you made with your own two hands is a sure way to let him know how you feel.

15. Take him to his favorite sporting event

If he loves sports, he will know just how much you love him by getting him tickets to see his favorite team.

16. Laugh at his jokes

It sounds simple, but if he loves to tell jokes, laugh at them! It's a sure way for him to know that you love him back.

17. Give him space

If you love him, give him space to spend time with his friends and family. He shouldn't have to spend all of his time devoted to you or you to him. Allow him time to spend with other people, and he'll know you respect him and his own life.

18. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity, when done at the right time, can make any bad day into a good one. He'll see that you love doing fun and crazy things, and he'll love doing them right along with you.

19. Ask him questions

Dating is all about getting to know someone. Ask him questions to show you're interested in learning more about who he is and his life.

20. Cheer him on

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Support him in his endeavors and the things he loves to do, and he'll recognize how much you care because you're right there by his side, cheering him on.

21. Be reliable

If you really like him, don't blow him off or show up late to things. Be reliable. Punctuality shows you care about the time you have to spend with him.

22. Love him for who he is

If you really love him, you won't try to change him (and vice versa). Love him for who he is and he'll recognize that.

23. Be true to yourself

Stay true to who you are and don't try to change yourself for him. If you love him, love yourself first. His love will reciprocate if he cares about you for just the way you are.

24. Let him know you're thinking of him

Through a note or a text, let him know when you're thinking of him. If you let him know he's been on your mind, he'll know just how you feel.

25. Tell him

After all these little signs of your affection, if he still hasn't got the hint, it may be time to just tell him. Be straightforward. You never know, maybe he feels the same way!

If he doesn't, it isn't the end of the world. He simply isn't the right one for you and you shouldn't waste your time showing your affection for him anymore. There's someone better out there who is more deserving of your love and will be able to love you back in the right way. Stay strong and keep believing in yourself.

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