It seems like everyone is looking for the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to get things done these days. Time is of the essence and it seems like with each tick of the clock you have more and more things to do. Tasks may pile up and your lists may seem insurmountable BUT your marriage should not be another task on your list of things to take care of, it should be a priority.

To help foster and develop a stronger relationship with your husband you can easily apply the following 25 simple suggestions to be a better wife today:

1. Be happy

Nothing beats coming home to a smiling happy face, especially if it is a man's wife. When in doubt always remember the common phrase, "happy wife, happy life." Be the happy wife!

2. Pray for him

Pray alone and pray together. Finding a spiritual resonance will draw you closer to your husband. Pray that his needs may be met, pray for his well-being, pray for guidance on how you can best serve him and pray that he may be happy. Prayer will allow you to find comfort and faith in your relationship.

3. Dress up for him

This does not suggest you have to be a smoking hot trophy wife every time he comes home. There should never feel like there is an expectation you have to live up to. Dress up in a modest sense, put makeup on to accentuate the blue in your eyes. Wear a cute dress every once in awhile. Mix it up!

4. Act like you're dating him again

Flirt, wink and playfully catch your husband's eye once he walks in the door. There is nothing wrong with seducing and charming your husband the same way you would flirt to grab the attention of a random stranger. Get out of your comfort zones, it will be fun for the both of you!

5. Talk about him

Show interest, spark a flame of conversation that is centered around his hobbies, his work and his dreams. Give him the space to openly express what he has been thinking and doing while he is not with you. This open forum of conversation will allow him to recognize you think about him and care about him even when you are not together.

6. Watch his favorite sports team together

Fairly simple right- GO YANKEES!

7. Apologize

Say you're sorry. Do not stress- we all make mistakes.

8. Give him alone time

Someday's are rough at work, and a little time alone is all your man needs to recoup and readjust. Suggesting a little time to himself will be beneficial for the both of you.

9. Kiss him then kiss him again

Self explanatory, right?

10. Show gratitude

Neuroscientist Alex Korb described the cycle gratitude promotes when he said, "Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle."

This cycle of virtue induces a brain boost that has been proven to strengthen and solidify individual's ability to balance home and work life. A little thank you can go a lot further than fixing home life, but can help repair work life as well.

11. Nagging- quit it!

Your husband has been told a million times, "Why haven't you fixed that squeaky door?" and "Why can't you pick up your clothes?"

He has heard it and he understands what you want. The best way to go about this is to approach the situation differently than before. Speak kindly and without judgement; do not approach the situation with the same nag. Instead try approaching it with a new solution.

12. Trust him

Always, always, always give your man the benefit of the doubt.

13. Go to bed with him

After your man has come home from work he may have all the energy in the world and want to go on a 20 mile bike ride or he might be so tired he just wants to crash on the couch immediately. Either way, going to bed at the time he is ready is a strong sign to him that you support him and love him.

14. Go on a nightly walk

Create a tradition to go on a nightly walk together. Set a specific time aside that the two of you use to walk and talk about each other's day. The undivided attention between just the two of you will help strengthen your relationship.

15. Cook his favorite meal

Who doesn't love coming home to their favorite meal after a long day at work?

16. Respect his opinions

You do not have to always agree with your husband, but taking the time to recognize his point of view and trying to place yourself in his shoes will help you both appreciate and respect each other's opinions.

17. Do not bring up past arguments

Let the past be the past. Rehashing old arguments only adds salt to the wound and does not help the two of you heal and move on.

18. Let the man eat if he wants to eat

If you are having pizza for dinner, let the man have three pieces instead of two. One piece of pizza is not a make or break argument. It will all be okay!

19. Show interest in his work career

Your husband goes to work to support you and your family. He drives to a cubicle or a desk somewhere far from his wife and kids to work and earn a substantial income his family can enjoy. By asking how work is, about his co-workers and current projects you are showing you are equally invested and interested in what he does everyday. It shows him you think about his day and not just about your grocery lists.

20. Discuss future plans together

Interested in planning a romantic getaway for just the two of you? Talk about it! Spice up the mood with a conversation that you both can get excited about.

21. Reminisce on past memories

Do not be afraid to bring up past memories that will make both of you laugh and smile. Reminisce over the first meal you made together as a married couple as you prep the dinner for tonight. Bring up songs that used to be hip while you were dating. Acknowledge the events that built your relationships and create new ones as you celebrate the old.

22. Slow dance together

This may seem out of your comfort zone but nothing beats the junior high hands on hips and shoulder sway. The motion of being close and connected will be a nice surprise for your husband.

23. Hug him for 20 seconds

Grab him and don't let him go!

24. Brag about his accomplishments

Sometimes a little recognition can go a long way. Acknowledging his hard work and accomplishments will help your husband see you as a gracious and appreciative partner.

25. Pack his lunch for tomorrow

As simple as it sounds, pack his lunch and leave a little love note in his lunch pail.

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