Defining love is like defining happiness. For some, happiness is a destination, while for others it is a way of life or a choice. Love is an emotion that is expressed by our actions. So when you love someone, it is very obvious.

But is it just as obvious when love is extinct?

Although it is painful and difficult to accept, love can be terminated and disappear. Some people accept the responsibility for the death of love, while others fear the existence of it all together.

The truth is that when this feeling ceases to exist, even though we know who or what is responsible, it is often too late to restore.

We cannot force anyone to love us, nor can we control the feelings of others. We can pay attention to the signs of change and try to resolve conflicts with someone, but not unless they have the desire as well.

If you are in a relationship where your partner shows these signs, chances are they do not love you anymore:

  1. He contradicts everything you say.

  2. He seems disgusted by everything you do.

  3. He uses every excuse in the book to not spend time with you.

  4. He stopped sharing the bed with you.

  5. When you try to approach him, he walks away angry.

  6. He does not encourage physical contact with you.

  7. He tries to change you into someone you are not and never were.

  8. He enjoys being with friends or at work more than spending time with you.

  9. He no longer enjoys the things you used to do together.

  10. He is disrespectful to you.

  11. He keeps secrets from you and lies constantly.

  12. He uses sarcasm to tell you what he really thinks and feels.

  13. He compares you to other women.

  14. The people in his life wonder if you two are even married.

  15. Your confidence in him has disappeared.

  16. He controls everything you do and every penny you spend.

  17. He makes you feel like just a roommate.

  18. He constantly threatens to leave you.

  19. He is no longer interested in your daily routine.

  20. You are not a priority in his life.

  21. You feel like a ghost in his life.

  22. As much as you try to please him, he reminds you that you can't.

  23. He puts a barrier between himself and your family and friends.

  24. He makes you feel like you're a nuisance.

  25. He exaggerates everything you do wrong.

  26. It is impossible to maintain an adult conversation without him shouting.

  27. He won't let go of the mistakes you made in the past.

As much as you try to believe that things will change, in your heart you can't help but believe that love is extinct.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "27 señales de que él no te ama,"which was published on

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