Rituals can be good when you use them for your benefit. The stress of life often pushes aside your most important priorities, and if you're not careful, the madness of everyday life will make you forget that love is what's really important. After all, it was love that brought you together with your spouse as a family.

Here are three little daily rituals that can help you and your spouse build a passionate marriage:

1. Always say 'hello' and 'goodbye' with a kiss and a hug

Make an effort to give your spouse a hug and a kiss before you leave for work and after you return from a tiring day. You will be surprised at how much passion this little gesture adds to your marriage.

This is a ritual that says, "I love you. Please be careful while we are apart. I will miss you."

Your kiss and embrace will make your spouse feel loved and confident. You'll want to return home as soon as possible or stay behind just a little longer.

2. Spend 20 minutes with each other before going to bed

Before you turn off the lights, talk about your day, about your children, or your agenda for the next day. Be sure to look into your spouse's eyes as you talk. Kiss, embrace and pray together before you retire. It's the simple moments like these that add true passion to your relationship.

This is a ritual that says, "I chose you to share my life with, to grow with and to build a family with. You are important to me."

The constancy of this ritual - even on difficult, tiring days or in moments of despair and sadness - is what will make the difference in the progress of your marriage.

3. Set aside one night a week for dating

You reserve time throughout your week to focus on family, school, leisure and work. Why not schedule time to focus on your partner? As a couple, strive to keep your marriage healthy and passionate by setting aside at least one night a week to take care of the most important thing in your lives: your marriage.

This is a ritual that says, "Our love is the foundation of our family. I want to take care of our relationship and keep our love strong."

Someday, when your children are grown, friends have moved away, and family members are gone, you will be glad you took the time to nourish your relationship.

It seems almost too simple, but implementing these little rituals into your life will help you and your spouse gain passion in your marriage. Passion is built through little moments that draw you closer emotionally. So don't slack on the little things. They truly are what make the difference in your relationship.

Do these things. Your love will grow. Your trust will strengthen. Your happiness will increase.

This article is an adaptation and translation of the original article, "3 rituais diários de amor que mantêm a paixão no casamento." It has been republished here with permission.

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