Whether it's a cute peck to say hi or a steamy smooch, kissing is an important part of romantic relationships. But kissing itself isn't enough to keep the flame burning. These are 3 ways to keep your kisses irresistible:

Set the stage

Kisses start before your lips even touch. A nice date, a thoughtful gift or a fun conversation can show appreciation and make your significant other feel loved. Before you even see your crush, text that special someone to say you are looking forward to seeing your sweetheart. If you're crunched on time, be sure to at least give a smile and a hug before you peck a goodbye. Doing any gesture that indicates affection will set the stage for better kissing because you are more likely to feel comfortable kissing someone when you feel free and cared for.


Sometimes the kissing alone just isn't enough. When this happens, you might need something extra. It might be some tingly mint lip gloss, nice perfume or subtle cologne. Try kissing by passing PopRocks candy, mints or ice chips between your mouths as you kiss. Maybe it's as simple as using hands to caress your partner's face or to brush aside a wisp of hair. Wrap a blanket around your love and pull that special person in close. You can use these small extra tools to add a little bit of variety and spice to your kisses and to have some fun with your sweetheart.

Be sincere

Kisses don't mean anything if there isn't love behind them. Kisses are sweetest when they are given in meaningful, healthy relationships. If you're concerned about something in your relationship, discuss it. If you're hiding something, be honest. If you want your partner to kiss you differently, say so. This open communication will allow you to put your heart behind the physical relationship you share. The commitment and the real love will keep your kisses irresistible for the rest of your relationship.

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