Learning how to complement your spouse can create an environment in your home that will allow your relationship to flourish. To complement your spouse is to complete and perfect her. To build this type of relationship with your spouse, you must never tear her down - physically, emotionally or verbally. Complete her by building her up and encouraging her with your words and actions. Complete her by loving and protecting her. Complementing your spouse will create a thriving environment in your home and family that is filled with love. Here are 3 ways that will help you complement each other and build a lasting relationship:

Never say "no" to her

There are not many reasons that you should ever say "no" to your spouse. Telling your companion "no" shows that you may have some serious control issues or that you do not trust your spouse. If your spouse shows an interest in an activity or asks for you to do something always say 'yes'. Doing this will help deepen your love and respect for each other. You will also feel much more free and expressive with each other as fear will be eliminated from your relationship. For more on building your spouse in this way check out 4 reasons to never say 'no' to your spouse.

Praise and speak highly of him

How does it feel when you hear people talking about someone behind their back, then, that person walks into the room? Have you noticed how silent it gets? Each time you speak unkindly about someone else your relationship erodes with that person whether they are present or not. Any kind of ill speaking destroys relationships, it does not build them. Imagine what this does to your marriage if each time you have a disagreement with your spouse you run off and talk about how horrible he or she is. Learn to be loyal to your spouse at all times. Praise and speak highly of each other in all circumstances and you will be on the road to building a happy and complete relationship.

Grow in love

A garden needs good soil, plenty of water and constant attention to grow. Your relationship is very similar, if you neglect the little things, fail to communicate, stop learning about each other, decide not to share your dreams and desires with each other, your love can die. To complete your spouse and to grow your love, you must serve her. Service to your spouse is like miracle grow to your garden. The more you put your spouse above yourself the more love you will feel. If things have become slightly wilted in your relationship you can learn how to re-fall in love with your spouse.

Complement each other by never saying 'no' to your spouse, by praising and speaking highly of your companion and by learning to continually grow in love. You can complete one another and have a beautiful and happy marriage. You already have the perfect spouse, it's up to you to complete her by complementing her. If you'd like other suggestions on improving your relationship, here are a few of my favorite marriage help books.

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