You could read this entire blog post in 30 seconds (if you read fast), but I believe these principles have the potential to change your marriage. Seriously. Give them a try:

1. Make communication a daily priority

Communication does for a marriage what breathing does for your lungs. Do it often, and remove the distractions (like cell phones, computer screens, etc.) that can stand in the way of meaningful conversations.

2. Give each other your best; not your leftovers

Instead of going through the day giving you best efforts to other people and pursuits, save your best energies for the people who matter most. Give your spouse and family your best. They need and deserve it.

3. Be each other's biggest encourager; not the biggest critic

Your spouse doesn't need any more of criticism but I'm pretty sure they'd love to have more of your encouragement. See the best in each other. Celebrate the good in the each other.

4. Continue to pursue each other

Thoughtfulness and romance shouldn't die over time. They should keep growing stronger. Do you remember all the romantic stuff you did back when you were dating and first trying to win his/her affections? Keep doing that stuff!

5. Pray with and for each other daily

This one might freak you out a little bit if it's not something you're already doing, but I truly believe prayer is one of the most practical and most powerful ways to stay connected to your spouse and to your Creator. Give it a try.

6. Keep dreaming new dreams and making new memories together

Never believe the myth that your best days are behind you (they're only behind you if you choose to stop dreaming). Keeping looking forward and creating new adventures together.

7. Never give up on each other!

Remove the word "Divorce" from your vocabularies. A "perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!

This article was originally published on Patheos. It has been republished here with permission.

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