The words "I love you" are supposed to be so special, yet they are often expressed with little to no meaning, as if it is another repetitive way to say hello or goodbye. Love should not be this casual.

If saying the words is getting a little old, express it in one of many other ways. Here are 35 ways to show your husband you love him, without using the words "I love you." Men, these thinks will also work wonders on your wife.

  1. Surprise him with his favorite meal for dinner

  2. Listen to his music in the car even when you don't like it

  3. Brag about him to everyone

  4. Take him breakfast in bed

  5. Support his hobbies, even when you don't understand them

  6. Wait up for him

  7. Ask for his opinion

  8. Pack his lunch

  9. Drive slower so he can finish his story before you get to your destination

  10. Don't hold a grudge. Forgive and forget

  11. Wash the dishes

  12. Thank him daily for all he does and has done for you

  13. Let him have the last brownie

  14. Send him funny videos and pictures to brighten his day

  15. Stay ever so patient with him

  16. Hug him

  17. Make eye contact with him when he talks to you

  18. Complain less ... no matter what

  19. Be affectionate in public

  20. Let them nap even when there is no time

  21. Initiate intimacy

  22. Do the dirty work. No one wants to do it, but he'll notice when you do

  23. Let him have a night out with his buds

  24. Cuddle up close

  25. Massage his feet. He is probably a bit stressed

  26. Buy him a gift for no reason

  27. Spark an intelligent conversation

  28. Check in on him when he is sick

  29. Listen to what he has to say

  30. Call or text him to check in

  31. Laugh ... and I mean really laugh with him

  32. Flirt with him

  33. Encourage him to do what he loves

  34. Be his cheerleader

  35. Put his needs before your own

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