Men and women have different ways of expressing their feelings. Without you realizing it, some of the ways you behave may cause your man to lose interest. Observing small details and differences in behavior can make a big difference in a relationship; it's best to remain alert to avoid some big problems.

Watch out for these four situations that can make a man lose interest in his woman. Though these behaviors were what men complained about, neither gender should exhibit these attitudes.

1. Indecisive, erratic behavior

A little indecision is completely normal and appropriate. What isn't good is when women absolutely cannot make a decision; in every situation, their behavior is frenzied and unpredictable. Their opinions and moods are constantly changing, which only confuses their partner. Men can't keep up with a flaky, unreliable woman. After devoting his best to try and understand, he gets discouraged, loses interest and gives up.

2. Forcing change, being critical

A woman who wants to dramatically change her partner's behavior, attitude, or even financial status causes serious problems in a relationship. This type of behavior gives the man the impression that nothing he does is good enough. Even if he does something right, he fails. Being with someone who has this attitude can seriously danger the relationship.

No one can live very long feeling totally worthless. Trying to inspire or push your partner to their best self is a great goal to have, but if you are making him into something he's not, you are in the wrong.Never emphasizing the good and only pointing out the bad is a quick way for your man to lose interest. Unfortunately, this type of behavior often becomes habit a woman isn't even aware of.

3. Being insecure

There isn't a man alive who can withstand a woman who has endless bouts of jealousy and insecurities. If a woman distrusts everything, butts into her man's business, and always plays the victim, this will weaken the relationship. Daily demonstrations of low self-esteem and pity are difficult to manage. From a man's point of view, endless crises without any rhyme or reason to them all detonates any interest he may have in the girl.

4. Being controlling

Bossy women are on the top of the list when it comes to what men do not like. Women who always take control, always have a solution, care about everything too much and are dead set on their opinions are too much to handle. A 'my way or the highway' attitude doesn't allow any sort of teamwork with your partner. Bossy women are controlling, possessive, and negative.

Psychiatrist Flavio Gikovate said, "although not always their intention (these women) exert full control over all those they hold dear. They become tyrants". Wanting to control others results in completely losing control of the relationship and losing the interest of their partner.

If you feel that your man may be losing interest, take a minute and see if it might be how you are behaving. If this is the case, having a conversation about these issues is a good way to resolve problems before it is too late. Don't lose your partner's interest by acting this way; be aware of your behaviors and talk things out.

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