Physical intimacy between a husband and wife is a vital part of a relationship. Not only is it a means to build a family but it is the highest form of expressing love. Intimacy between a husband and wife builds trust, establishes loyalty and generates compassion for each other. This part of a couple's relationship must be guarded and protected.

No matter what, there is no excuse for violating that trust. Cheating on your spouse is wrong and if you are guilty of such behavior start the process of repairing your relationship now. Here are four ways to keep your love strong and guard yourselves against adultery:

Avoid being alone with members of the opposite sex

The number one way to avoid adultery is to never be alone with a member of the opposite sex. My wife and I made this rule a couple of years into our marriage. We are both young, I am attracted to females and she is attracted to males, so it just makes sense. Though we are both madly in love with each other, neither of us is foolish enough to believe that if we put ourselves in a compromising situation we will always emerge unscathed. Be honest with your spouse and be honest with yourself.

Hold hands

Holding hands with your spouse can be a good measure of the strength of your relationship. When you sit down next to each other how long before you are holding hands? I hope that it is immediate. Physical touch is one of the ways that you can stay connected to your spouse. It is unlikely that you will get into an argument while holding each other's hand.

Keep yourself physically attractive

Remember those days when you were dating? Before you got together, you would clean yourself up, put on nice clothes and try and make an impression. Don't let that go away. Your spouse still notices when you put time and effort into making yourself look good. If you cannot do it for yourself, do it for your spouse.

Age and the experiences of life will leave their marks on our bodies. This is OK. It is however, important to stay fit. We all have different body types and morbidly obese is not one of them. Taking time to exercise your body will demonstrate to your spouse and to your children that you care about yourself, your body and them. Do not be discouraged if you are not where you want to be physically. In time and with a great deal of patience, the best you will emerge.

Keep the flame burning

You can probably recall the time that your spouse was your first thought in the morning and your last thought at night. Is it still so now? Where are all of those exciting thoughts and feelings that kept you up all night thinking about your time together? If they are gone, do something to reignite them. Try and surprise your spouse with something new. You should always be looking forward to your time together.

Talk with your spouse and decide now to never be alone with a member of the opposite sex. Being alone with someone of the opposite sex is risky business even if there are no initial bad intentions. Do not say or do anything with someone that would cause you embarrassment if your spouse were to witness. Stay close to your love and cling to your spouse by holding hands often. Remember to take care of yourself and keep that burning flame of love alive by trying new and exciting things together.

5 ways to guard yourself against adultery

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Posted by I Love My Family ( on Friday, August 5, 2016

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