Spring is here - or at least it's awfully close! With the weather warming up a bit, and the earth starting to come back to life, it's time for some fabulous date nights for you and your lover. Date nights that will bring your romance and connection back to life as well!

Read the list with your spouse and pick two dates (each) that you would like to plan and carry out. Then, make it happen. Good things are ahead if you fill your spring with fabulous and fun dates like these!

  1. Take a road trip for the day and explore a new city close by.

  2. Make homemade ice cream and go on a walk around the block.

  3. Rent bikes and explore your city together.

  4. Bake some cookies together, whip up some lemonade, and then set up a FREE lemonade stand by your home. Your neighbors (and their children) will love you!

  5. Pack a picnic, rent a canoe or kayak, and paddle around until you find the perfect picnic spot. Don't forget life jackets!

  6. Wake up early and go for a sunrise hike together.

  7. Visit the local farmer's market and buy a vegetable you have never tried before. Then go home and learn how to prepare it together and eat it (look at you, expanding your vegetable horizons!).

  8. Make breakfast for dinner (think bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc) and dine-in on the living room floor while watching your favorite cartoons.

  9. Get up early on a Saturday and shop yard sales together, and then get breakfast at your favorite place.

  10. Make homemade milkshakes and write your couple bucket list together.

  11. Play board games at the park and pack some fresh berries and cream (yum!).

  12. Go to an arcade and use all your change to play games together. The winner chooses the restaurant for dinner.

  13. Bring a frisbee to the park and toss it. Then, swing on the swings together. Make sure and steal a kiss at the top of the slide.

  14. Play tennis at the park, followed by a quick trip to get frozen yogurt. "

  15. Choreograph a synchronized dance to your favorite song, and then make a short movie of the two of you dancing your hearts out. Post it to social media. Your friends will go crazy over it!

  16. Have a BBQ and invite some friends over for croquet in the backyard.

  17. Attend a local high school baseball game - and don't forget the hot dogs or nachos!

  18. Order an adult coloring book (they're all the rage, you know). Grab your candy, turn on your favorite calm music, and color the night away together on the back deck (or at the kitchen table).

  19. Give each other $5 cash and then go to the dollar store. Spend twenty minutes finding things to play with outside plus a snack to share. Think hoola hoops, bug nets, kites, sidewalk chalk, balls, etc. Then go play.

  20. Go mini-golfing together. Get competitive and make up your own rules - tricks and all! (Think putting backwards with your less dominant hand, with your eyes closed, while kissing, etc.)

  21. Learn to fish together, and then enjoy each other's silence and the beauty of nature.

  22. Paint rocks. This can be super fun. You could even create a small rock garden. Do it.

  23. Write romantic poems for each other and then read them to each other in dramatic fashion.

  24. Go on a nature scavenger hunt together.

  25. Make a time capsule together and fill it with treasures, keepsakes, and love notes for each other. Then bury it in your backyard.

  26. Ride horses and get your inner cowboy/cowgirl on.

  27. Go to a local high school track and time each other doing various sprints, running bleachers, or doing some HIIT style workout. Or you could just walk or jog together and catch up on all things life.

  28. Visit a local nursery and buy a few flowers to pot or plant. "‹

  29. Peruse Pinterest for spring craft ideas and hit up a craft store for supplies. Then work together to make a cute spring wreath (husbands, your wives will love you for this, promise.).

  30. Take a painting or drawing class together.

  31. Set up a tent and camp out together - make sure to roast s'mores too!

  32. Make tie-dye t-shirts together.

  33. Create masterpieces on the street or driveway with sidewalk chalk. Then, have an otter-pop eating contest.

  34. Go on a hike together to a romantic lookout spot and cloud watch for a little break before heading back down the trail.

  35. Make a fruit salad or homemade popsicles to enjoy while watching your favorite movie together.

  36. Go to the library and find your favorite children's books to read out loud to each other.

  37. Pick berries together at a local berry farm.

  38. Go rollerblading together - just don't die.

  39. Find a botanical garden to tour together. Hold hands and take lots of pictures (you have to take at least one kissing picture!).

  40. Have an adventure at a local amusement park and ride all of your favorite rides (just not the ones that make you nauseated).

What has been your favorite spring date so far? Do tell!

This article was originally published Nurturing Marriage. It has been republished here with permission.

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