Are you struggling to find the right words to tell your husband that you love him? Or maybe you’re struggling with words to tell your husband he is enough? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The reality is, we all experience this feeling.

Words are powerful. They can make or break us. It is important to choose your words wisely because you want to be careful with your loved one’s feelings.

If you’re feeling stuck or need help jazzing up your sentiments, we have exactly what you need. Affirmations are a great way to share how you feel with your husband. The affirmation doesn’t need to be a long love ballad or grandeur Romeo and Juliet reenactment. Less really is more. Consider bookmarking this page or taking a screenshot. Your husband will appreciate your extra effort.

Acknowledge your husband. You should verbally say these affirmations.

  1. I love it when you [insert something your husband does for you]. “I love it when you start dinner.” “I love it when you make me coffee in the morning.” “I love it when you tell me how you’re feeling.”
  2. I appreciate how you [insert something your husband does for you]. “I appreciate how you open the car door for me.” “I appreciate that you folded the laundry.” “I appreciate how hard you work.”
  3. I love you because [insert one of your husband’s favorite attributes]. “I love you because you always listen to me.” “I love you because you always consider my feelings.” “I love you because you’re so considerate of others.”
  4. Thank you for [insert a reason you are thankful for your husband]. “Thank you for remembering our anniversary.” “Thank you for allowing me to have some me time.” “Thank you for helping me with dinner.”

Proactive Thoughtfulness. You can text or leave these on a note.

  1. Send a daily affirmation via text. “I am so thankful for you.” “I am glad you’re my husband.” “You are amazing. Thank you for all that you do.”
  2. Write on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker. “You are amazing. Good luck with your meeting.” “I know you got this. I love you.” “You rock! I’m glad you’re mine.”
  3. Get a sticky or notecard. Write a special affirmation and put it inside their work bag, coat pocket or in their car. “I am thankful God led me to you.” “You are such a strong and smart man. I am grateful to be your wife.”

I know, I know. You probably feel a little cheesy, right? But, think about it. Wouldn’t you stand a little taller if your husband shared an affirmation with you? Wouldn’t you smile a little longer, if your husband shared how much you meant to him? Just because society portrays men as tough, doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate words of affirmation. Here are some more helpful words of affirmation.

Affirmations you can incorporate into your daily interactions.

  1. Verbally support his ambitions or hobbies. You get bonus points if you do this in front of other people. This will show him that you care and appreciate him as an individual.
  2. Compliment his appearance. Did he get a new hair cut or shave? Acknowledge his efforts and remind him that you are still attracted to him.
  3. Share a time that he made you smile. Something like, “Remember the time you came and surprised me with lunch? That really made my day.” Or try, “Remember when we first met, you really blew me away when you said (insert sweet thing your husband did or said).”
  4. Remind him that you’re still attracted to him.
  5. Ask your husband for his input. “What do you think?” “How would you deal with this situation?” Asking your husband for his opinion, will remind him that he matters, and you value his input. When he’s provided a response, don’t forget to say thank you. “Thanks for taking the time to listen to me and give me your insight. It was super helpful.”

One-liners to include in your everyday conversations.

  1. I believe in you.
  2. I support you, no matter what.
  3. I respect your decision.
  4. I’m so proud of you.
  5. You did an amazing job.
  6. You are such a great father to our kids.
  7. You are such a hard worker.
  8. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  9. I’m so lucky to be your wife.
  10. You’re hot.
  11. Thank you for considering my feelings.
  12. Thank you for being understanding.
  13. Thank you for fixing [insert the broken item].
  14. You’re incredibly smart.
  15. You make me laugh. I love your sense of humor.
  16. I trust you.
  17. You’re my best friend.
  18. You’re a great husband.
  19. You still give me butterflies.
  20. You are my rock.
  21. You have a good heart.
  22. You are incredibly kind.
  23. Thank you for always seeing me.
  24. Thank you for trying.
  25. I appreciate your determination.
  26. I love you!
  27. You never cease to amaze me. Say it without being sarcastic.
  28. You look great!

Affirmations do not have to be complicated. Avoid overthinking or being shy. Your husband needs to know he is important and will thrive, as a human being, if you reinforce his greatness. The key to affirmations is using them in a proactive manner. Don’t wait until your husband is enduring a difficult season to share these positive affirmations with him. Instead, look for ways you can incorporate these affirmations into your day-to-day.

Make it a daily habit to share at least one affirmation with your husband every day. You’ll find that these thoughtful words will improve the health of your marriage and strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Positivity is contagious. You’ll notice your husband’s overall demeanor and outlook will be greatly impacted by your words of affirmation – which means he’ll be way more likely to reciprocate the positive vibes and show you love, too.

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