Even if your marriage is spectacular, don't you want to see the look on your husbands face after doing something sweet just for him? Service is one of the key factors between successful marriages and unsuccessful ones. Those who choose to serve their spouse feel great about themselves and make their significant other feel immense joy.

Be the one to bring your loved one joy and try out one of these 41 acts of kindness on him. The expression on his face will say it all.

1. Give him a much-needed massage.

2. Put his towel in the dryer while he showers, and bring the hot towel to him when he's done.

3. Take out the garbage for him.

4. Start his morning coffee while he's getting ready for work.

5. Order him a surprise in the mail. Who doesn't love getting surprise packages?

6. Buy him a small surprise and put a pun with it.

7. Send him a sweet text during the day.

8. Play with his hair.

9. Leave the sarcastic comments aside.

10. Surprise him at work with a snack or picnic lunch.

11. Ask him what you can do for him.

12. Run that errand he has been dreading.

13. Pickup an unexpected treat for him while you are at the store.

14. Fill the gas tank.

15. Give him coupons that he can turn in for a massage or compliment.

16. Call him to let him know you are thinking about him.

17. Tell him you love him.

18. Write an encouraging Bible verse for him, and send it to him in the middle of the day.

19. Leave a lipstick note for him on the mirror.

20. Put both of your phones in the other room for dinner. Give him your full attention.

21. Brag about him in front of him.

22. Ask him about his mom and dad for a change.

23. Take the kids out for the evening, and let him have a few hours to himself.

24. Pray for him and tell him that you do.

25. Draw a bubble bath for him and light some candles.

26. Surprise him by learning his favorite hobby and then do it with him.

27. Slip a note into his lunch bag or briefcase.

28. Kiss him passionately for no reason.

29. Write him a letter.

30. Watch a sports game with him.

31. Bake his favorite dessert.

32. Give him a sincere compliment.

33. Flirt with him in front of others.

34. Iron his shirts with a smile on your face.

35. Pack his lunch the night before so he can sleep in a little bit longer.

36. Let him win even though you are right.

37. Brag about him on social media.

38. Invite his parents over for dinner.

39. Write him a poem or song and sing it to him (if you are musically gifted).

40. Remind him that you will love him no matter what.

41. Just be with him.

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