I would bet that there isn't a single wife out there who doesn't want to feel loved by her husband. Your wife wants to know that she matters. She wants to be taken care of. She wants to know that her efforts — no matter how big or small — are appreciated.

As her husband, you can be the champion of her heart. Even a simple act of kindness can go a long way. Never let a day go by that you don't do or say something to let her know how much you love her.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Look her in the eye every single morning and tell her that you love her.

  2. Play with her hair.

  3. Carry her to bed.

  4. Tell her all the reasons why you think she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

  5. Shower, shave, put on her favorite shirt and cuddle with her.

  6. Write down compliments on small slips of paper and hide them all around the house for her to find.

  7. Give her a long back massage.

  8. Do a chore that she absolutely hates doing.

  9. Dedicate a Facebook post to her. Tell the world how much you love her.

  10. Prepare a bubble bath for her.

  11. Light up candles and place rose petals all around your bedroom.

  12. Text her at work and tell her that you miss her.

  13. Make and cleanup dinner.

  14. Give her a sincere compliment that isn't based on her looks.

  15. When she cries, hold her close and kiss her tears away.

  16. Give her time to do the things she loves.

  17. Express your sincere gratitude.

  18. Turn off your phone and ask her about her day.

  19. Tell her about the moment you knew you wanted to marry her.

  20. Compliment her in front of her friends.

  21. Buy her something that she wants (but would never buy herself).

  22. Lay out a blanket in the backyard and watch the stars.

  23. Do something she loves to do.

  24. Always show her respect, and require your children to do the same.

  25. Tell her all the reasons she is an amazing mother.

  26. Learn her love language and use it often.

  27. Recreate your first date.

  28. Truly listen to her.

  29. Always open her car door.

  30. Give her flowers for no special reason.

  31. Tell her one thing that makes her special to you.

  32. Mail her an actual love letter.

  33. Let her sleep in, and then wake her up by kissing her slowly.

  34. Hold hands and watch the sunset together.

  35. Take her shopping.

  36. Binge watch her favorite Netflix show.

  37. Put on her favorite song and slow dance together.

  38. Pray for her out loud.

  39. Bring home her favorite treat.

  40. Ask her for a "honey do" list and make a concerted effort to finish every task.

  41. Kidnap her and take her on a romantic weekend getaway.

  42. Paint her nails.

  43. Serve her breakfast in bed.

  44. Fill-up her gas tank and clean out her car.

  45. Take the day off of work and spend the day doing whatever she wants to do.

  46. Stop reading this article and just go hold her.

If you feel awkward or dumb doing romantic things, or if these ideas just aren't your style, that's OK. Just show her love the best way you know how, and that is enough.

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