Sometimes we let our thoughts and emotions get the best of us. When we get upset and angry, we take those emotions out on the people we care for the most, especially our spouse. If you have offended your spouse, do not fret. You can make amends. However, don't just settle for a simple "I'm sorry."

Tell your spouse just how much you do care by apologizing with one of these fun ideas.


Words are an excellent way to show how much you care. Write a letter to your spouse asking for forgiveness. Be willing to open your heart and share your emotions with him. Share the frustrations and sadness that may be in your heart.

Another fun and simple way to apologize to your spouse is to write a list of all the reasons why you love him. Preface or conclude the list by asking for forgiveness and tell him why you did what you did. Throughout the list, share with him all of the reasons that your heart begins to beat fast when he walks in the room, and how much you love cuddling him on the couch. This type of list will not only make him happy, it is also an excellent way to strengthen your marriage and remind both of you why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

Physical touch

Sometimes all it takes is a hug, a handhold or snuggling on the couch to show that you are truly sorry for what you have done. Physical touch is a powerful thing. Think about the times when you have had a bad day, did a hug or a kiss turn it around? Think about a baby or young child when they are upset, frightened or sad. Does the embrace from a loving parent help calm him down? Be willing to get close to your spouse when you have done something wrong. Ask for forgiveness, explain the feelings in your heart, and then give your husband a hug, a kiss or even just put your hand on his knee. There is power in touch.

Use candy or treats

If your spouse likes gifts, give meaningful or clever "I'm sorry" gifts. These gifts could be anything from your partner's favorite treats to flowers or jewelry. However, don't think that every time you mess up you can buy your way out of a mess. After some time, the gifts begin to lose their meaning.

Plan alone time

Find a babysitter, plan a romantic dinner and show your spouse that you want to spend time with him. Before the alone time begins, ask for his forgiveness and tell him you are sorry. Then, you can enjoy some alone time together and really work on strengthening your relationship.

Use your own talents

Each of us has our own unique talents. Use these talents to tell your spouse you love him. If you are clever at coming up with quotes, bake him a treat and attach a saying. If you are musically talented, write or sing a song to your partner telling him how much you care. Think about the unique talents you possess and how you can use those gifts to better the relationship with your spouse.

We all make mistakes. Some are much larger than others and some can offend and hurt others, especially our spouse. When you make these mistakes, be willing to say "I'm sorry" and make things right.

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