One of the great challenges in marriage is communication. Whether that's communicating ideas when it seems like you're both speaking different languages, or trying to show love in a way your spouse may not quite appreciate. No matter what your situation is, here are five things you can do to show your man how much you love him.

Beat the dog

Someone wise once pointed out it's a sad day when the dog is happier to see your husband get home than you are. Does he get more attention from the dog? Or do you win in the kisses department?

The next time your husband comes home from work, beat the dog in the race of who can show him the most lovin'. Instead of letting him go straight for the fridge, lay a big fat kiss on his lips, on his cheek"you get the drift.

Pick up after him

When you recited vows on your wedding day, my guess is "taking out the trash" and "doing the laundry" were not a part of those vows.

However, when it comes to the everyday, ordinary acts of kindness that demonstrate the very vows you professed, doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes and taking out the garbage become very real ways of showing love. Often the small things and the little acts of kindness have the largest impact on a spouse.

Do something he loves

Your man may never feel comfortable caressing his warm mug of hot chocolate with both hands while looking intently into your eyes, but that doesn't mean you can't spend quality time together. If he's a sports fan, surprise him with tickets to see his favorite team. Or block out a night just to watch ESPN together. He'll appreciate your sacrifice, and he may be a little more willing to do something you love.

Check him out"¦out loud

Tell him what you like about him. Is it his smile? The dimple in his chin? His strong, worn hands that come from providing for you day in and day out? Let him know! But don't just focus on the physical characteristics. Let him know you appreciate when he reads bedtime stories to the kids, the fact he takes out the trash, or the simple way he calms you down when you're nervous. Let him know that the little things he does everyday really matter.

Give him a gift, just because

You don't have to wait for Christmas, Father's Day or his birthday. Give him a gift for no reason. Maybe it's a new shirt to work out in, a night out to see his favorite music group in concert, or a night at home watching movies in bed. Whether it's a comfy t-shirt or a trendy hat, Cariloha has you covered in the gift-giving department with something every man will love.

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