Pretend that your marriage is a building. A magnificent and tall building, with lots of windows, metal beams and pillars that hold everything up. It's vital that your foundation stays sturdy; it is also important that your pillars don't crack and crumble, or the building will fall. If you want your marriage to stay divorce-proof, you have to maintain the foundation and the pillars. These principles will make sure you will never have to endure that kind of heartache:

1. Trust

Every strong marriage is built upon trust. This will never change. If there is one principle you need in your marriage, it's trust, without a shadow of a doubt. Trust is hard to give because it needs to be earned gradually. Without trust in your relationship, you have no cement to hold up your pillars. Build up that trust so that you never have to worry about your marriage crumbling.

2. Effort

No matter the relationship that you and your spouse have, it takes effort to make it work. If you want your building to be strong, then you need to put in a considerable amount of work. In marriage, it is the same principle. You need to put work into it to get something out of it. Do more than your part to serve your husband or wife and continue to take responsibility for your family.

3. Affection

No one in a marriage should feel neglected. That means you need to consider how loving you are towards your partner. Figure out if you are giving your partner enough support and love each day so they know that you care about them. From words of encouragement to a spontaneous kiss or tender caress in public, make sure you show your partner you love them. Take extra care to pay attention to their emotions and build strong pillars of affection in your relationship.

4. Respect

One thing most people don't understand is how significant respect is. You need to abandon the thought that your partner is perfect; your husband or wife is only human. Anything you say in the heat of an argument could be detrimental towards your relationship and any action you take without talking with your partner first could harm your marriage, rather then build it up. The mutual respect you have for one another can't ever be neglected.

5. Communication

It's tough sometimes, but remember that your husband can't read your mind. The silent treatment will never give you what you want. At the end of the day, you and your spouse need to talk to each other. Spend time talking without distractions and without interruptions. You cannot build a strong marriage without strong communication.

Marriage isn't easy. You will argue, you will have hard times and you will get frustrated. However, it is worth the struggle. You will never experience anything like being married to a person who completely adores and changes your life for the better. Build strong foundations in your marriage to reinforce it against the challenges. If you ground these principles in your marriage, you will learn to love more than you ever thought possible... And not a thing on this Earth will be able to tear it apart.

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