Boys love to feel strong. There is no denying it. We see it in the 3-year-old who insists on wearing his Superman costume to the grocery store. We see it in the 13-year-old who tries to show off in gym class by doing ten extra pushups. We see it in the 23-year-old college student who pulls the classic carry-your-books-to-class move.

Well, boys grow into men. And, although he may have ditched the Superman costume, your man still wants to be your hero. When a man loves you, he does not want to just walk by your side or have your back. He would much rather be using his awesome strength to lift you up!

How do you know if your man is trying to be your hero? Here are some signs your Superman is actually "beneath" you, lifting you up:

1. He doesn't laugh

Whether your dream is to travel to Budapest or to lose 10 lbs. before swimsuit season, your man is fully supportive. He doesn't laugh at your heart's desires, no matter how ridiculous they may sound to him. He encourages you to live your dreams and accomplish your goals. What is important to you is important to him.

2. He tries to fix things

Let's face it ladies. The majority of men do not and may never understand the way our female minds work. They often don't know the right way to handle the tears that fall on their shoulders. However, if your man is "beneath" you, he will do everything in his power to try to fix whatever in his mind needs fixing. So, if you find that you have a fix-it man, don't get angry at him for not understanding you just want someone to listen to your blubberings. He is showing you he cares.

3. He does the dishes

OK, it doesn't have to be the dishes. It could be anything from making that dreaded trip to the grocery store to performing tasks on the honey-do list. But when your man does something to lighten your load, he is basically screaming, "I love you!" Even though he has his own long list of worries, he is willing to set it aside to ease yours.

4. He makes you feel beautiful

Though he may not say it as often as you would like, your man may be trying to show you. When you catch him staring or notice him finding reasons to touch your hair, steal a kiss, or hold your hand ... feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He is trying to lift you and help you feel how much you mean to him in his own quiet way.

5. He is your biggest fan

You know your man is "beneath" you when he is willing to put aside his naturally competitive nature and find joy in your accomplishments. He is excited when you achieve your goals, and he makes sure you know he believes in you. No matter how many times you mess up, he is always there to cheer you on.

It is important for you, in turn, to show your man how much you appreciate all he does to be the one "beneath" you. After all, he could just settle for walking beside you as so many do. Instead, your Superman has decided he would rather carry you and lift you higher. Do your best to be his Superwoman and lift him as well. Show him you are grateful for his strength.

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