Every girl dreams of the moment when her long-time love finally gets down on one knee and pops the question. But what if reality isn't quite in line with your dreams? Who says it even needs to be that way? There's no reason a woman can't propose to her man and have it be just as romantic. In fact, here are five signs it's actually your job to propose to your boyfriend.

1. He's happy no matter what

If you know you've got a solid relationship and no one is going anywhere, there's no reason not to propose to your beau. You know he's just happy because he's with you. He'd love to be married but is just as satisfied keeping things the way they are. And he's not the type to shake things up. So, if you're the one who wants things to move forward and make your relationship official, put on your big girl panties and pop the question.

2. You wear the pants

If you're the "alpha" in the relationship, you take on the role of decision maker, planner, organizer and more. This role means future plans rest on your shoulders. Planning for marriage is no exception. Your boyfriend may not know you want to get married if you are relying subtlety. You could make it obvious you want him to propose, but why not just do it yourself? Besides, who could plan your engagement better than you?

3. You already have a family

If you've been together forever and already have children with each other or from previous relationships, it could be up to you to be the glue that keeps everyone together. When you've already established a routine and feel like a family, there's no reason to push off commitment anymore. Choose to propose and make it a family affair! Include the whole clan when you pop the question.

4. He's committed, but quiet

If your partner is very committed to your relationship but quite reserved, he may not have the guts to pull off such a stunt. He could fear even the slightest possibility of rejection. Or he may wish to save himself the embarrassment of potentially botching the job and ruining your big moment. Whatever the case, if he's shown he's open to the idea of marriage but is more than a little shy, you may have to take the reins and propose yourself.

5. You want to

Proposing to your partner can be a big way to show confidence, modernism or independence. Or maybe your family is a bit progressive and you're inspired because you've seen others take the leap. Whatever the reason, if you want to propose to your boyfriend, do it! There's probably no bigger rush you could feel from breaking the rules and getting what you want out of life. So don't be afraid, go put a ring on it.

Don't let anyone tell you proposing to your love is a bad idea. If you can see yourself spending your life with him, let him know in the boldest way possible. He'll never see it coming!

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