Romance is a key factor in a happy marriage. Without romance, it's hard to preserve the relationship you have with your spouse. It probably didn't happen on purpose, but if you recognize any of these five signs, you aren't being romantic enough.

1. You'd rather do something else than be with your spouse

If you come home from a long day of work and would rather go straight to bed or watch Netflix rather than spend time with your spouse, it's a sure sign you aren't being romantic enough. We all have those days where we're just exhausted, but don't let it become a habit. Your spouse needs you just as much as you need them, so don't shut them out of your life. Let them be part of it. Including your spouse and spending time with them will allow you to be more romantic and improve your relationship with your spouse.

2. Either you or your spouse isn't satisfied

Without romance, your relationship with your spouse just isn't complete. You don't feel satisfied enough. If you aren't satisfied, tension breeds between the two of you, which is toxic to your relationship. In order to improve how you feel and how your partner feels, add a little romance - things will get better.

3. Things don't excite you like they used to

If you aren't as happy as you used to be with your spouse, it's a sign the romance has gone. A relationship without romance loses all of its excitement and all of those butterflies. Even after years of marriage, you should be excited to be with your spouse. Bring back that excitement by adding a little bit of romance. Bring home roses only to bring a smile to your spouse's face and bring back the happiness and excitement you once enjoyed.

4. Your marriage has lost its flavor

The flavor and spice in your marriage has disappeared. Without the romance that made marriage sweet, your relationship with your spouse can easily sour. But it's never too late to keep it from going bad. Little by little, with romantic walks in the park and surprising your partner with a secret Valentine, your marriage is sure to rediscover that romantic flavor you once had.

5. You don't appreciate the little things

Sometimes the little things are what makes life fun. The little things your spouse does once made you happy, excited, and made you laugh. They were cute and romantic, but now they just don't do the trick anymore. Chances are, if you don't appreciate the little things, it's because the romance is gone completely from your relationship. Bring back the romance, and those little things will come back full force and your spouse will be cuter and more romantic than ever.

Don't let the romance slip away in your relationship. Make time to date your spouse and keep that spark alive. It's not too late.

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