There are many relationships in which the woman is ready to take the next step, but her partner gets cold feet. So instead of becoming another woman who ends up with a broken heart, I have put together a little list of things you can look out for as you assess whether your relationship is headed anywhere.

Here are five signs that your man is just not ready to get married:

1. He does not make time for you

When a man wants to, he will find a way to be with you. He will move around his schedule in order to spend time together. A man who is not interested will make excuses and say that he wants to hang out with you only when he is "not too tired."

2. It is difficult to trust him

A relationship gains strength from the moments that trust grows between two people. However, if your man does not talk or care about your concerns and joys, it may mean that this relationship is only on a physical level.

And if he lies to you about where he was or who he was talking with, take it as a warning sign that he is seeking an escape from the relationship.

3. He disappears in times of crisis

"I'm going through a difficult family situation; I'll be off for a few days." If you have ever received messages like this, be attentive. If a man is truly in love, his girlfriend will be one of the first people he wants to open up to and receive support from.

It is the difficult times that show how deep your love is. It is not easy or fun, but an open heart is essential in marriage. Be wary of a guy who does not show willingness to face challenges with you.

4. He does not include you in his plans for the future

You can see how "hooked" a man is by how he gets excited when planning a future with you.

If he's not taking into account your needs and wants in his future plans, it shows that he is not thinking about a longterm relationship, or is afraid of losing the freedom of single life.

5. He does not defend you from his family's criticism

Often a couple's family can be disapproving of their partners - and sometimes this disapproval can turn into nasty comments and offensive actions. If your man does not stand up for you in these moments, he most likely never will. It is a sign that he does not respect or love you the way a man should love a woman he intends to marry.

Courtship is designed so you can decide whether you really want to spend your whole life with a certain person. Watch for some behaviors that may become an even bigger issue after marriage.

No one is perfect, so, open your heart, talk to your man about the behaviors that concern you and share your expectations. But most importantly, be very honest with yourself. Do not make excuses to justify your man's behavior. Never settle for a guy who is not fully invested in your relationship.

This article is an adaptation and translation of the original article, "5 provas de que ele não é maduro bastante para casar."

It has been republished here with permission.

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