Let's face it, there are many times when men can be completely clueless.

They can have the best intentions, but completely miss the mark without realizing it. This is especially true when it comes to relationships, which is understandable because we are all trying to figure out the world of love.

However, there are some things that your man may unknowingly be doing that slowly corrode the stable foundation of your relationship. If your man is doing any of these 5 things that harm your relationship, do yourself and him a favor and clue him in:

1. His grooming habits have gone to the wayside

Is the spiffed up man who made an effort every time he saw you to be clean-shaven and freshly cologned now gone? In his place, do you find his scruffier, smellier counterpart?

There isn't anything wrong with being a little more comfortable around each other and not always dressing to the nines, but we know that a little effort shows that he is still trying to impress you.

It is completely okay to mention to him that every once in a while it would still be nice if you both put in the time to look nice for each other.

2. He forgets about you and your happiness

I don't mean literally forget, but forget in the sense that it's starting to seem that everything else in his life comes before you. For example, you made plans to go and look at some new furniture, but he says he wants to stay home and watch the game.

While missing out on some time together isn't horrible, if it becomes a habit you won't be happy in this kind of relationship.

Don't be afraid to remind him that you need to each make time each other. Don't let him forget that your happiness a priority, especially if you want to stay happy in the long-run.

3. He stops listening to your needs

We all have our fundamental basic needs (like food, water, and sleep) that are essential to our very existence.

Within relationships, we may have some different needs, but they are just as important. These needs should be expressed and fulfilled by each other. When those needs become one-sided, it can harm the relationship.

If it seems that you are always willing to fulfill his needs, but yours are always put on the back burner, make sure to tell your man. He may not realize that he's been neglecting them.

4. He neglects all forms of intimacy

Intimacy, both physical and emotional, is essential for a healthy relationship.

If one is present without the other, it is as harmful as if there wasn't any of either.

If it seems like your man is lacking in these two important areas, make sure to bring it up and discuss it with him. Let him know that since both are important aspects of a healthy relationship, you both need to step it up.

5. The excitement and romance seem to have faded

Even when in a relationship, us women like to be wooed, to feel wanted and appreciated.

In the beginning of a relationship there's no shortage of excitement and romance, which makes it easy to never want to be apart from your mister.

Over time this excitement will fade, which is normal...but it shouldn't fade completely.

If it seems your man's excitement for you has lessened or even has disappeared, it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't care anymore. He may have just gotten too comfortable in your relationship and doesn't feel like he needs to play the part of Prince Charming.

Tell him how in love you are with him, and invite him to do the same.

Just because your man does these things doesn't mean the end of a relationship; it very well could be he just needs a little wakeup call. Explain to your mister that love takes effort. If he truly loves you, he'll fix his mistakes.

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