Your partner may not know exactly what you need to be comfortable in your relationship. But there are some surefire ways to drive you crazy and make you seem possessive.

Your husband may not know even realize they are doing these things, and if they are, they need to stop. Here are 5 things your spouse can do to drive you mad with jealousy:

1. He goes out without you

A partner who hits the town all the time without you can drive you nuts. Not only does he go out frequently, he doesn't even think to invite you to join in on the fun. So, you're left at home alone wondering what he's doing and how much fun he's having without you. You may go out a lot yourself to make a point but in the end, you don't want to be out alone. You may not even want to be out so much with him. You just want to be alone together at home.

2. He forgoes the romance

You can find yourself hungry for attention when your hubby stops taking you out on dates and complimenting you. The hurt can actually grow quite deep when he finds it easy to spot your flaws and struggles to see or mention your good qualities anymore. He may seem to give others the benefit of the doubt or find common ground with them. But he's quick to judge your choices or ignore your feelings. All of this can affect your level of intimacy. No more romance means you might start growing some green eyes.

3. He shamelessly ogles other women

Long into a relationship your partner may not see the harm in appreciating another woman's attractiveness. He knows you know he's not planning to leave, and he may not think it's a big deal to look. But if he talks about other women's bodies or their good qualities, especially without mentioning yours, this could drive you absolutely crazy.

4. He hides his female friends

It's never a good idea to keep opposite-sex friends separate from your spouse. Even if nothing shady is going on you may let sinister thoughts creep in when he spends more time with his lady friends than you. Why do they get to go out with him and you don't? Does he enjoy their company more than yours? Why doesn't he want them spending time with you? These thoughts can be invasive and infuriating.

5. He is secretive about social media

Some couples not only share passwords but actually share accounts for their social media. It's one thing to keep your accounts separate, but if your spouse doesn't even want to you seeing everything they post this could be a major problem. It would drive any woman mad to find out her spouse blocked her on social media or refused to let her see his private messages.

Sometimes you have a reason to be possessive and sometimes your jealousy may just get the best of you. If your partner is coming home to you every night and is just slacking on their usual effort let them know how you feel. If they don't then try and make you feel comfortable you may be in a bit of trouble.

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