When you are in love, it's easy to get carried away and forget yourself - sometimes to the extent that we start to change too much for our significant other. But there are some things that we should never change for a partner. While compromise is crucial for any relationship to sustain, you won't feel the need to change if your love is true. It's all about finding a partner who accepts and loves you just the way you are. It may so happen that your partner is not keen on a few things you do, but if he's in it for real, he will make an effort to at least understand and adjust accordingly. Here are five things you should never feel compelled to change about yourself:

1. Core values and beliefs

As you grow up, you must've aquired many values. Giving up on your core values means you are challenging your entire belief system. You should never compromise on what you believe in. It may build resentment in the relationship as you may feel your partner's beliefs don't match yours. If you want to be accepted or loved by someone, changing your values is not the way to go about it. Relationships are about being honest and transparent with your partner.

2. Imperfections

Our imperfections make us who we are. Those who are perfect are not real, and those who are genuine remain imperfect. These little shortcomings complete you, and by changing them, you are losing a part of who you are. A partner is only worth your time and energy if he can love everything about you, including your imperfections. Look for someone who can accept you without questioning your faults.

3. Your body and appearance

If you have a personal desire to alter your body or looks, by all means, go for it. But there is no reason for someone else to influence you to change your body. We all desire a great shape, but not at the cost of a loving relationship. If someone is so narrow-minded that they want you only for your looks, it shows how little investment they have in the relationship. If you are genuinely loved and wanted by someone, your body should be the last thing they are concerned about.

4. Passions and goals

Everyone is passionate about something. A relationship should not alter your priorities completely. Sure, you should consider your partner's passions too, but don't forget your own desires. We all set goals in life, and nothing should stop us from achieving them. In an ideal relationship, your partner should encourage and support your hobbies and passions. While you both may share a few dreams and visions together for the future, it is important that you have a vision of your own.

5. Bond with others

We all share a close connection with our friends and family, and having a partner should not affect that. As your partner, it is their responsibility to at least make an effort to be courteous to your loved ones. You can't just give up your unique relationships or friendships for your significant other. Neither of you should feel obliged to pick sides. As a couple, you should learn to appreciate the people who make your partner happy.

Every relationship is challenging, and it takes effort to keep it going. Your partner should accept you along with the other great loves of your life - like your hobbies, interests and relationships. And you should do the same for him. Focusing on your passions can only benefit the relationship and help you both grow closer. The bond you share with your partner will become stronger if you both respect and love each other for who you are. Doing what you truly love fuels your desires and gives you joy, happiness and an ongoing passion that you bring back to your relationship. You are your best and true self with your partner in a loving bond.

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