How often do we put off something we need to do until tomorrow - a day that never seems to come?

We frequently get a feeling - a prompting - about something we should do, yet the busyness of life distracts us from the things, or rather, the people who are the most important parts of our lives.

"We wait too long to do what must be done today, in a world which gives us only one day at a time, without any assurance of tomorrow. We frequently lament that our days are so few; and yet, we procrastinate as though we had an endless supply of time," said the late Rabbi Sidney Greenberg.

Today is all we truly have. Unexpected events can, at any moment, take us or those we love out of our lives. Never miss a moment to do what is most important.

Don't wait to say "I love you."

We sometimes take for granted the love we have for those around us. Worse, we assume they already know we love them and don't say those words often enough. Not only do we need to tell others we love them, but we must also show them by the way we treat them.

Don't procrastinate forgiveness or an apology

We've all been hurt by someone close to us and we have all hurt someone - intentionally or by accident. Let go of hurt feelings and apologize more than you think is necessary. Don't let pride ruin your relationships. There is so much peace and happiness waiting for us on the other side of "I'm sorry," and from letting go of grudges.

Don't trade your family for less important things

It's a given that we have to work. We have pressing obligations that need our attention. But, make sure you put your family first. Children grow up fast and you can never get back the time that passes. You may find that you missed out on priceless relationships with your kids if you don't make time for them first. Place limits on responsibilities; schedule around your family rather than scheduling your family around everything else.

Don't put off changing your life

If there is something in your life you need to change — an addiction, bad habit, anger problems - do it now! Strive to be your best self. If you gossip, stop it. Change your negative attitude into a positive one. Break the chain of damaging behaviors and experience the freedom of not being weighed down by bad choices. Look for the good in your life and use goals and a support system to become who you want to be.

Don't wait to make a difference through kindness and charity

Instead of thinking you're only one person who can't change the world, do something today that will change the world. Kindness matters more than we realize. It's something simple that costs no money, but can have a greater impact than anything tangible or monetary. A smile, kind word, gentle hug, listening ear or time can make a huge difference in the lives of those around you. It's hard to measure the ripple effect of doing good for those around us. But it can inspire more kindness, lift the sad, comfort the weary, give hope or even save a struggling life. Do it today.

If we put off the important things until we're less busy, have free time or when our life is going smoothly, the precious people and moments in our life will pass us by. We must make time today ... before there are no more tomorrows.

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