According to this study, men who are restless, anxious, or always on the look out for new people are more likely to be unfaithful partners. However, other factors shouldn't be ignored when it comes to choosing a faithful spouse. Below are five symptoms of infidelity:

1. Lack of interest

This is a very obvious and frequent indicator of infidelity. However, a lack of interest is also a common side effect of being stressed out at work. How do you tell the difference? The difference between the two is timing. Stress from work isn't a constant. Even in a stressful job, your husband will have a few moments to read text message you sent him. If he really is stressed at work, it would be something your husband would feel comfortable telling you.

2. Explanations

If your husband starts to explain something you didn't ask about, beware. It could be that he has a guilty conscience. If he gives odd details that seem to make his story more credible, take note. If your husband is hiding something from you, he'll want to make it seem like everything is normal. He might start giving you details about routine trips to the store that didn't matter before to help convince you everything is okay.

3. Mood swings

When men are unfaithful they become more irritable. Pay attention to the things that seem to make him angry. If he gets upset if you hold his hand or give him a kiss, pay attention. Excuses like, "I'm too tired" or "I have a lot of work to do" can be red flags. Of course your husband could really be busy and tired, but he shouldn't get irrationally angry when you want to show him you love him.

4. Excessive gifts

There are men who have always been gift givers. If this trait applies to your husband please disregard this point. However, if your mister has never been one to shower you with flowers and gifts, the sudden appearance of presents may be a red flag. These presents could be potential signs of remorse for his infidelity.

5. Change of routine

If the usual time he leaves for or comes home from work changes, this could be a warning sign. If your man starts changing up his daily routine, concerning himself more with his looks, or starts secretly losing weight, he could be seeing someone else.

If your husband is acting strange, he might be involved in an affair. If so, I recommend you speak with him to clarify the situation. It might be nothing at all.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "5 rasgos que los hombres infieles tienen en común" which was published on

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