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Putting the pieces of your life back together after a breakup can be challenging. Naturally, you’ll have your good days and bad days. Sometimes, you’ll feel on top of the world, reveling in the fact that you made the right choice. Unfortunately, there will also be days where you cry non-stop and question your decision. You’ll feel exhausted, physically ill, and devastated. The most dominating emotion after a breakup is anger. You’ll be angry at your ex because he didn’t fight harder for your relationship. You’ll also be mad at yourself for being sad about something as trivial as a breakup.

As devastating as it may be, the time following a split is the perfect time for self-discovery and renewal. It can be a time where you allow yourself to try new things. It gives you the time to rediscover things about yourself that you forgot existed. It also gives you time to reconnect with old friends you drifted apart from while in a relationship. While on your journey through self-discovery, here are a few ways to pick yourself up after a breakup.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

While it’s natural to want to feel better and move on, denying your feelings or acting like they don’t exist won’t help. This first part of the healing process is acknowledging how you feel and allowing yourself to grieve. This step is essential no matter how long your relationship lasted. It would help if you also give yourself time to cry. Crying offers a release that enhances your mood and enables you to feel better in the long run. However, don’t stay in this part of the healing process too long. Give yourself a few days, maybe a week, to process what happened. After that, get your life together and focus on moving on. It’s also important to understand that you will have crying spells now and then, but crying for days on end hurts the healing process.

Accept Every Social Invitation You Get

Going out after a breakup can be intimidating at first, by accepting every social invitation you receive can be helpful. This experience will allow you to foster new friendships. It can also remind you that just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone. By spending more time out with others, you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin. However, there is a downside to this. Accepting these invites can feel weird or make you feel out of place. You can also feel ashamed for having fun. It’s in your best interest to ignore those feelings and step out of your comfort zone.

Block Your Ex on All Social Platforms

Blocking your ex will benefit you if you’re a serial social stalker. It can be thrilling to post all of your new adventures on social media, but seeing one post from your ex could throw you for a loop and make you question your decision. It could devastate you if he starts posting pictures with other women. By blocking him, it can save you from a second heartbreak. Also, this step will allow you to avoid posting things to make your life look exciting. You don’t have to prove anything to your ex-lover. After blocking him, it would also be a good time to delete everything that involves him from your life. Delete his contact from your phone, any pictures you have with him, and everything that reminds you of him. This sudden disconnect can be overwhelming at first, but it will benefit you in the long run. In this case, the less you know, the better.

Reconnect With Your Old Friends

It can be easy to put your friends on the back burner when you’re in a relationship. A breakup is a perfect opportunity to reconnect and figure out what you’ve missed. Your friends can remind you of your most loving self. Spending time with people who love you can help your healing process. Your friends will understand what you’re going through and allow you to process your emotions out loud. If you live a long distance from your friends, call or FaceTime them as much as you can. If your friends can’t talk as much as you’d like, remember that they have lives too and will catch up with you when they can.

Casually Start Dating Again

Casually putting yourself out there again can be the scariest part post-breakup, so only do so when you’re ready. At first, you can feel confused or guilty about dating, especially if you were in a long-term relationship. However, it can be an excellent way to meet some good people. Casually dating is a perfect way to rebuild your confidence and test the waters. Casually dating allows you to connect with others without the commitment. However, it would be best if you always listened to your body and your gut. Don’t move too fast or do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you go on a date and feel bad vibes, don’t feel guilty for shortening the date and going home. Also, communicate with your date that you’re not looking for anything serious.

Take Your Time

No matter how long you were together, breakups can be tricky. You go from spending every day with a person to rarely seeing them again. However, post-breakup care is critical. Allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings will enable you to go through the motions and grieve your relationship. It can also be the time to self-reflect and recognize your part in the relationship’s demise.

A breakup can be sad, but it can also be refreshing. This time of separation allows you to get to know yourself again. You may not realize it, but a lot can change while you’re in a relationship. Take this time to rediscover the person you are outside of your relationship. Reconnect with your friends and process your emotions out loud. However, don’t dwell on your breakup too long. Honing in on your connection for too long could harm your healing process. Accept that your relationship is over and start moving on. Your new blessing could be on the other side of heartbreak.

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