You love your husband, and most of the time he knows it.

You appreciate it when he accomplishes the honey-do's, gives you a much-needed break from the kids and takes you out on a Friday night.

But sometimes that special man in your life needs to be shown a little extra appreciation, especially from the woman he loves the most. How can you give him that little extra lovin'?

Most people have heard about the five love languages - physical affection, quality time, acts of service, gift giving and words of affirmation - but these are also great outlines for giving some love back to your husband and to help him understand your appreciation for him.

1. Time to get physical

When we start to get into long-term relationships we can sometimes forget the importance of physical affection, and not the kind that usually happens in the bedroom, but those little things new couples like to do.

When he doesn't expect it, grab his hand and don't let go. The Beatles sang "I want to hold your hand" for a reason, because for most people, just the simple act of having their significant other hold their hand can make them feel extremely loved.

Some other good ways to show physical affection are to give him a back rub, a foot massage or take the time to give him a hug and a big kiss when he leaves for work and comes home at night.

These simple acts of affection can really add up to giving him the love he needs.

2. Giving him your time

The most important factor when it comes to giving time is "quality." Most couples technically spend lots of time together, but usually, the focus of the time is on everything and everybody else.

Giving your husband your undivided attention for an hour or even a whole evening will really make him feel special and loved. He knows that you are busy and have loads of other things to do, so taking that time for him, and only him, will flatter him hardcore.

3. Service-oriented love

There are many ways to perform acts of service for you husband, ranging from simple to grandiose.

Write a note, grab him his favorite lunch and drop it by his work, do all his laundry, let him relax and watch his favorite show while you put the kids to bed.

You can even get a little grander with your acts of service schemes if you wanted to and felt it would make a difference to him.

Volunteer at his favorite rec center or donate to his favorite charity. Websites such as ZipHub can help you to carry out this act of serviceable love with just one click.

4. Give a little, or big gift

It is said you can't buy love, but let's face it, there are times where it can definitely help. Has your husband had his eye on a special book, game or TV? Maybe now is the time to surprise him with one of these special gifts.

5. The power of words

You can never go wrong with simply telling your husband out loud that you love him. You can also tell him how much you appreciate him, respect him, admire him, etc.

The sky is the limit with the ways you can build up your husband and make him feel admired and cared for. Giving love to your husband will not only make your special man feel even more special, but it will also help you to have a long and happy relationship.

When you love your husband giving him love in return will be the easiest thing you could ever do.

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