Experiencing the loss of husband, child, parent or close family member can feel as if your heart has shattered and there is no repairing it. There's an intense pain in your heart. It almost becomes unbearable. You can't concentrate, you find it hard to breath, and you struggle with your daily tasks. You may find it hard to get out of bed because getting up means you have to face the harsh reality the person is no longer with you. But the truth is the person continues to be with you in heart.

When you lose someone close to you, you begin to ask yourself why this had to happen. Besides a broken heart, you are consumed with anger and confusion. The people surrounding you may believe you are dealing with the loss in the best way possible, but you are actually hiding your true feelings. Hiding your pain, frustration and a broken heart is never the answer. Sometimes people who are suffering an immense pain cannot cope with it alone.

Below are five suggestions on healing a broken heart:

Confront your broken heart. As frightening as it may be to acknowledge the loss in your life, you must find a way to meet face to face with it. It is going to be difficult to do, but eventually is has to be done in order to move forward. A loss is never easy to deal with, but you must find strength within to manage the excruciating pain.

Communicate with close family and friends. Talk to people who can lend you the comfort and support you need. Let them know how you are feeling. Suffering a broken heart from a loss will not immediately heal from talking about it, but talking can slowly ease the pain.

Pray to your God. Sit in a place of comfort and silently let your God know what is troubling you. Pray for peace in your heart and understanding in your mind. The loss of a love one is always hard to comprehend, but you should trust in your God that everything will be OK.

Accept the loss. Accepting is the hardest thing to do. But in order to continue living your life, you must attempt to accept the loss. No one said it will be easy, but you need to give your heart a chance to heal. Not accepting the loss will only hold you back.

Start a new beginning. Once you have accepted the loss, start a new chapter in your life. Even though you are starting a clean slate, it doesn't mean the person you lost is forgotten. The person will always remain close to your heart. However, you are allowing your heart to heal and move on with your life.

Do not be afraid to confront and talk about your pain. And if you can't find a way to speak to family, try praying in silence to your God. A broken heart takes time to heal. Therefore, take all the time you need to grieve the loss. The right time will come when your heart will heal from the wound.

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