It is no secret that each individual is on a different spiritual level. Many individuals have God as their central focal point each day while others may think about God and other spiritual aspects once a year or less. Even though you and your spouse are always together and live in the same house, you may be on different spiritual levels. It may take everything you have to get your spouse to pray or to consistently attend worship services with you.

Turning our hearts to God is not something we can nag or push our spouse to do. It is something he must do on his own. However, we can help him along the way. Here are a few ways to help your spouse turn his or her heart more toward God.

1. Pray

Our Heavenly Father knows and cares for each one of us. He is aware of the desires of our hearts, and he wants each and every one of his children to return to him someday. If you sincerely ask, God will hear your prayers. He will help you see how you can help your spouse no matter the spiritual level. You cannot change your spouse's heart on your own. You will need help, and prayer is the tool to help you receive guidance.

2. Communicate

Talk to your spouse about spiritual matters. Don't talk down to your spouse and tell him what he is doing wrong. Instead, share your testimony. Let your spouse know what having religion means in your life. You don't have to designate time to share these topics. Instead, share your thoughts and feelings throughout the day and in separate conversations.

3. Don't hide

One of the worst things you can do to hinder your spouse's spirituality is to hide your own. Don't lock yourself in your bedroom to read your scriptures and pray. Sit at the kitchen table to study and pray with the door wide open. Be excited to attend worship services and make sure you attend consistently and regularly. You are an example to your spouse. When she sees the importance of God in your life, she will be more apt to making it a part of her life, as well. Here are some tips on how spirituality can prepare you for hardships.

4. Encourage

Never nag your spouse when it comes to spiritual matters. Instead, encourage her to read her scriptures, say her prayers, obey all of God's commandments and more. There is a difference between nagging and encouraging. When many individuals are struggling inwardly and are told to do something, they rebel and go the opposite direction. This is no different when it comes to spiritual matters. Ask them if they want to join you when it comes to prayer, scriptures study and Sunday worship and be supportive if they say no. Understand that everyone is on a different time table, and it may take longer for your spouse to come around than you may like.

5. Praise

Each day, your spouse accomplishes many tasks and challenges that deserve praise. How often do you praise your spouse? When your spouse does small things such as pray with you or read scriptures, do you recognize it and thank him? Even if your spouse is already a spiritual individual, do you thank him or her for continuing to increase his spirituality for himself and family? Show love to your spouse, thank and praise him or her for all she does, not only around the house but also for her own well-being. When your spouse is more content with himself, your overall family life will also see improvements.

You must remember that your spouse won't become a spiritual giant overnight. It takes time, study and lots of effort. Be patient with your spouse and be there for him and you may see miracles occur.

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