When a couple gets married, they give their whole selves to the other. They become a tight-knit unit. Nothing is more adorable than to see a couple so in love that the only comment someone can make is, "They were made for each other."

Here are five things to reassure you that your husband is the man for you and that you are the woman for him.

You are the yin to his yang

He might be a sports maniac, and you love to go to art galleries. He could be super shy, and you are pretty outgoing, but these things do not matter. You celebrate your differences. You try to understand what the other person likes and appreciate them for who they are.

You fit. You are not exactly the same, but you become one through working together. He becomes the yang to your yin. Together, you become one single unit that appreciates and loves each other.

Can't wait to tell him everything

When something major happens in your life, you automatically look for him. You can't help it. You have to call him or you rush to see him in person. He always has to be the first to know.

You have huge chat sessions in which you bear your souls to each other. You wouldn't even think about keeping a secret from each other because nothing is more important than trust.

He is your best friend whom you gossip, rejoice and laugh with. His shoulder is the shoulder you cry on. He looks to you to always guide him. You are each other's go-to person. The person you count on no matter what.

You know what he is saying without him telling you anything

You can look into his eyes and know what he is thinking. He, through observation, knows how you really feel when you say, "I'm fine." Without asking, you know how the other person feels, and you know how to help them. You have a lingo that no one else really gets except you. No one knows you or understands you more than your husband or wife.

You can fight fair

When a disagreement arises, which will always happen, you look to find a solution instead of play the blaming game. You take interest in what your husband has to say. He listens to your concerns. You sit down and truly try to find out what is wrong and how things can get better.

You never give up on him, and he never gives up on you. Even when you are heated, he still knows you love him. Even though he is furious, you still know that he is there for you. Through thick and thin you work it out. You become closer and happier as a couple.

You pray more for him than yourself

While kneeling on your knees at night, his needs and wants sail to the top of the list of the things you ask for. He makes you the priority in life. You become the most important person in each other's lives. You couldn't imagine life without each other, and life without each other will become your greatest fear.

You begin every day grateful that he is by your side. Every day, when he wakes up and sees you he knows he is the luckiest guy in the world to have you. Life couldn't get much better than that.

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