Women are usually pretty good at giving compliments, but sometimes we can forget the one person who needs to hear compliments more than others: our husbands.

Husbands have times of self-doubt and insecurities just like their wives do. Give your husband these 6 simple compliments to reassure them, and let them know how important they are to you:

1. You are so handsome

A lot of men pretend they are not into their appearance, or they try to make it seem like they do not spend a ton of time on how they look, but every man likes being told they are handsome.

No matter if they spent 5 minutes or 55 minutes getting ready, it is always nice to hear they look good. Make sure to compliment your husband often. And when they really hit it out of the park, let them know why! Whether it is a specific color they wear, style of jeans, or even the way they comb their hair, point it out to them. They will take note and probably wear that style more often if they know how much you really like it.

2. I love how you provide for our family

Even in today's world of greater equality, most men still feel it is their "job" to provide for the family. While their roles are not as clear as they once were 100 years ago, making sure there is food on the table and a roof over your head is an innate characteristic that men feel responsible for.

Make sure you tell him how much you appreciate what he does for the family. A man likes to know he is fulfilling his role and that you notice.

3. You are a great dad

Dads definitely don't get enough credit.

In most homes, the mother is who takes care of the children's immediate needs. They are the ones to kiss their boo-boos, change their diapers and make sure they are eating their vegetables. Dads do a lot too; although, it tends to not get as much recognition.

Make sure your husband knows that you think he is a great dad. Tell him specifically what it is he does that makes you feel that way. Remind him how much his children love him and why. It will mean a lot to him to know that the person he respects and loves above all others, truly feels he is a good example for their children.

4. You are so good at making me feel like a priority

When you compliment specific things your husband does for you, it means a lot. It shows him that you notice the small things he does, and that you want him to keep doing them.

It may seem obvious to you that he should put you ahead of work, friends, and even his favorite activities, but sometimes it is hard for guys to do that, so when he does, make sure you tell him how much it means to you. When he knows how much it matters to you, he will be more motivated to continue doing so.

5. You turn me on

It is important that a man feels like he is attractive to you. It is more than him just looking handsome; it is you wanting to be with him. It is he who makes you weak in the knees and takes your breath away.

After several years of being together, some may wonder if the spark is gone. That is why you need to remind him, and tell him, that for you, the spark is very much still alive!

6. You make me happy

Just as a man feels it is his responsibility to provide for the family, he also feels like it is his responsibility to make you happy. Not just cheering you up from time to time, but that you are happy with your life.

If you are working at a job you hate and you complain about it, men feel like it is their fault you are not happy. You're in a job you don't like because he does not make enough money for you to either not work, or to do a job that may not pay as much, but that you like better.

If he is working hard to make it so you can stay home with the kids during the day, but you complain about how horrible they were or what a hard day you had, he may feel like his effort is not worth it because you are not happy.

Even though you feel it is just you venting and then you're over it, men take it as a personal responsibility to change the situation so you are happy. It is okay to have a bad day once in a while, but make sure you outweigh the good with the bad by reminding him often how happy you actually are.

Giving a compliment is something that does not take much time and is rather simple to do, but unless it is something we do often, we may forget how much they matter to the person you are giving it to. Try to start and end your day with a compliment to your husband and see the difference it makes in their lives.

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